Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer break to-be

- bismillah -

Exam is around the corner. 
Another system will come after that, the urogenital system. 
And summer break is aproaching fast!

But... i have no destination to go. 
No, no partners to go with. 
How bad it is kan. 

I'm not really that determine to go alone anywhere in the estranged place. Never in my mind that i've come across with such immature decision. Mak ayah pun will never let me. Balik malaysia alone pun diorang risau hari tu. Luckily ada kawan last minit naik flight tarikh sama. Luckily. 

But guess what? I found no clue. 

Am i that lone ranger or what?

Peeping into my social life, i enjoy meeting people. 
I have a lot of acquaintances, but i dont really consider them close friends. While some other people elsewhere may know lil amount of people yet they stick together firmly. 

And recently my i-consider-close friends and i planned to spend our holiday somewhere in the arab world. And i have even tell my parents about it. 

Yet today, we talked about it again, and guess what... :)


That is why i dont like to have close friendships. It hurts the most when you least expect it. 

"We want to contribute to the society...so we are not going anywhere."

So, i guess my holiday project will be something self-planned. Playing the piano, cooking, reading, writing. 

Happy contributing my friends. But please straight oneself tu dulu before nak buat amal jamaie. 

Janji, bukan abu kayu bakar suka2 hati boleh terbang.
Plan sama2, buat keputusan ikut kepentingan diri sendiri. 
My bad jugak kot placing high hope on this. False hope rupanya. 

So, anybody nak pergi holland this summer? Turkey maybe? 

Poor naive little girl as if.

"Mana tahu boleh pergi umrah...adik kan nak pergi mekah." My lovely mom once said this. 

I have always have Allah as my true Companion. 


  1. Assalamualaikum...kak nawwar, lama sy x snggah sini. smpaikan sy dh lupa nma akak yg sebenar. hee~ ampun yaa.

    Best kalau dapat travel negara Arab / Europe masa summer break. akak try ar cari kawan. Use the great opportunity :)

    Btw, akak pndai main piano eh? wahhh...daebak! :D

  2. hye awak =)
    i do feel the same..lone ranger
    susah nak cari orang yg 'satu kepala' dgn kite..last2 lagi senang mcm tu..tak terikat, tapi tipulah klau kdg2 jealous dgn org yg ade best friends
    btw teruskanlah mencari^^

    about holland, kite pun teringin nak pergi tapi bln 6 balik msia, so xdapat nak teman =(
    dan susah jugak sebenarnye nak cari travelmate klau berbeza cara kita define 'travel' tu


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