Monday, March 10, 2014

What i want to say about flight journeys

- bismillah -

Sincerely saying, i think the most responsible persons i have ever met are the captains of every flights (which i and you were all happened to board). 

Whenever there is/are turbulence(s) resulted by the weather outside, they are the first to command us to sit/ buckle up searbelts, for our safety, before we could think it was danger sign. Without any wait nor a second passes. 

And a captain will be the first and the last person to greet us with warm welcome and concise information. "Hello i'm the captain speaking, welcoming you the airlines, flight bound to x, with the sky expected to be clear and we will be reaching x by y pm local time..." 
And not to forget upon reaching our destination, "This is the captain speaking. We are about to land in 1 hour at the z airport. We would like to congratulate everybody on the plane upon boarding with our airline."
Or something like this upon landing,
"We have reached the z airport at local time xyz, all passengers should remain seated until the seatbelt sign has been turned off. Have a nice stay in z and hope to see you soon in your next flight.."

And i remember the one who i respect the most, the captain when i boarded the egypt air airline. He started with bismillah, then the doa (prayer) for a safe journey. He was being an imam (a leader) which lead the whole cabin pax to remember Allah. 

There is also one airline i found which aired the doa in arabic together with the english translation. (I dont remember which plane -.-)

It is not be because the captain is an arab that he can recite the doa, other muslim captains can also done that too in the first place. And i dream of hearing bismillah and doa from muslim flight captains for each flight i board the next times. 

Alhamdulillah, Allah let me to board some flight of about 20 times in four years count. Where each and every flight has their own worries placed in my mind... Upon crossing the indian ocean, upon reaching the seychelles, there will be minor turbulences experienced on board. It was very stressful if we happened to be inside the lavatory when the plane suddenly shaken and captain asked to remain seated with seatbelt. Hoho

With the mh370 unexpected incident, i may not have a close relative, but i do feel the impact and maybe pain and worries for any possibilities that arise.  With me boarding return flights to KL from this country i'm staying on any semester break for each year, the news left me trembling and crying out of fear each time i think about taking another journey back home or go travelling. 

Because all my long hours flights journeys were all with the B777. 

The same plane, the same experience being inside, the same screen and electronis device, the similar possible risks, and the repeated ignitions of worrying thoughts. 

Long ago, when i was in my standard three in primary school, i told my teacher that i want to be a stewardess. She was very shocked and i knew she didnt seem to show aproval nor praise. I was clueless. It was then after that that i knew being a stewardess means i cannot be the way i am now. I have to dress and work like what my company told me. 

Well, back to my childhood story. It is not because i wanted the be or dressed the way they are, but it was because i was very eager and wanted to fly so much in the plane. I wanted to board flights as many as i could to any part of the world.

And alhamdulillah, Allah grants me with those opportunities (to board many flights) without me having to become a stewardess. :)

In islam, and for all human beings, Allah the Most Merciful, the Creator of all, reminds us in the quran,
"you will never know which part of the earth you will die..." located in the last verse of chapter Luqman (31). This reminds us that Allah has the ultimate power and knowing of how, when and even where would we face the deaths. 

Believing that His mercy is far wider than His wrath, let us seek for His guide and blessing for every step and situation we are in. Because He knows and plans the best for all the creatures. Surely He holds the future of any input and outcome. 

May Allah bless us. 
#pray for the ease and Allah's help with the mh370. 


  1. oo nak jadi stewardess sebab nak terbang,akak dulu nak jadi pilot or to be exact air force pilot..

    BTW akak juga pernah naik flight yang sama, route yang sama, overnight but plane yang lain, jadi kes kehilangan MH 370 ni sangat terkesan di hati..

    Moga apa pun yang terjadi, Allah tamatkan penantian kita dengan terjumpanya mereka. Penantian memang penyeksaan.

  2. Aku yg dok naik domestik ni pun...ketaq ja setiap kali naik...mujoq laa sejam ja kan. Penah naik yg kecik, masa nak take off rasa berat tak mo naik dgn bunyi semacam...pastu pilot announce nak turun balik sbb ada masalah teknikal. Ko bayangkannnn....sementara nak sampai balik tempat naik td...ketaq! Penah gak masa bad weather yg goyang teruk tahap semua crew kena duduk pakai seat belt, lampu kena padam dan xdak hidangan ok....sbb goyang teruk....haish...cuak beb.
    Then, memang ban tak mo naik dah kapal terbang kecik cam firefly etc sbb goyang dia lg terasa. Selalu jugak dok dengar member yg ulang alik kl-kertih...bad weather dah sampai kertih tak leh turun, kena patah balik ke kl...haish....
    Memang cuak...kesian adik ku kena ulang alik long distance.
    'ala kulli hal, mati kita Allah dah decide camna. Meh kita doa agar mati kita husnul khotimah dan elok2 saja. Amin.

  3. Aku memang tak pernah travel domestic naik plane lagi, oi tak sanggup nak bayang naik plane kecik, hat besaq gegar sikit pun dah seriau, hat kecik..haihh...mengucap..


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