Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sambung belajar (?)

- bismillah -

Berpijak di bumi nyata.
Bagaimana agaknya nanti mahu meneruskan master/phd? Kalau sekarang peringkat ijazah pun rasa nak habis cepat.

Agaknya, i have to build a plan on how to proceed with postgraduate studies, ambil kira perspektif berkerja dan berkeluarga (i have planned one, but as bujangss.)

Some of my friends are getting married anyway. They keep giving hints, and even if some of them try to hide but :/ all their photos and status updates on facebook speak their minds alike; marriage.
Dont start. Cut it out.

(The pic attached is my university building. it was the arts of a japanese architecture company, full of fountains and green parks in every square between buildings blocks. What shown here is only the posterior windows :p)

I envy those who managed to further their studies very well. 

In terms that they can study what they want to, without worries about not getting jobs afterwards, ignoring the community's perception, as long as they enjoy what they are learning.

Dont get mistaken, i enjoy myself alhamdulillah very well enroling in my current course, that i am about to satisfy my inner hunger for knowledge-scourching-passion during my postgraduate study. InsyaAllah.

The problem is, in the midst of this current study week, i just cant stand self-studying for 2 consecutive weeks. I prefer the lectures and the halls! But, as far as i concern, postgraduate studies also includes self studies and kajian and thesis. >.>

A senior of mine, graduated with islamic studies background last year, and currently is enrolling in diploma course for accounting. See? I envy those who can study without feeling 'i-need-to-work-to-live.'
Studying to satisfy the passions and curiosity, not merely just to have qualifications for working interview.

And there are lots of stories of my friends who jumped out of their sciences background, into economics. One here in jordan, one in france, and another in the usa. Such a big leap in their life compared with the literal leap took to cross the continent!

Yet here i am stuck in place, thinking and believing that 'study, get the transcript, go to work and live well'.

There are so many things can be learnt and to be learnt. Browsing through certain universities enrollment courses, makes me more eager to finish medicine and start new journey. :-)

After all, insyaAllah by 3 years to comes, Allah will get me prepared with what i'm lacking right now. And InsyaAllah i have a small wish of when i'm getting married and have kids. Hiks. I'm not playing around, but for the self-assurance for the ease in my postgraduate journey, i have to consider from the undergraduate study.

A figure once told me, 'study well and be the brightest, scholarships and sponsorships wont be the worrisome (is this word exists?)'

Verangan. Dream. Plan. Takdir.

P/s if in case in my journey that i forget about death and akhirat, do remind me well dear readers. Sometimes i am afraid and feeling undeterminde to kejar ilmu dunia, but then, learning and studying are among things that bring you and me closer to Allah sebenarnya.

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