Thursday, September 5, 2013

is it ok?

- bismillah -

I have been wondering.

Is it ok to be with one who always make us feeling inferior?

I mean, the marriage.

Just as in any fairy tale, a pauper is paired with a princess. Or simply look at cinderella, a poor orphan who met with a royal prince.

But in our real life, depending on our environment and exposures, we dreamt of meeting a capable person, with big job, huge property and so on bla bla bla. Even some of us may want to be with a hafiz quran, solehah, and all other spiritual qualities.

So, is it ok to live on with those who make us feeling inferior or we must opt to be with those who are almost equal?

I would love to hear from those who happen to read this post. even in malay is okay.



  1. Kata mudahnya sekufu atau tidak laa,kan?

    hmm,i dunno whether it's adab perkahwinan dlm islam cari yg sekufu. Just penah dgr. Kalau betul mmg dlm islam anjurkan begitu,maybe cari yg equal je :)

  2. Haah..sekufu. betul tu. Thank u baru tringat lps baca comment.

    Tengah cari homework lagi pasal ni, leps ni saya buat artikel baru :-)


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