Monday, July 8, 2013


- bismillah -

Hurm. Saya aware je ada kawan rapat dan tak rapat yang baca blog ni. 

I have a crush. But
I said some prayers.
If the person is meant for me, Allah will show the way. If he's not then Allah will show other way round. 

And eversince, i have never got chance to meet him in any place @ occasions that i used to see him. 
Either i dont go there when he is there, or vice versa.
I've always have another program overlapped, or just the matter that i dont want to go out but just stay at home. 
(So surely i'm not talking about the classmates kan...)

I guess that's the good answer to my prayer. 
Not meant for me, so Allah wont let my crush over him grow. Alhamdulillah. 

Not having heard anything nor seen him, making i'm back to reality. 

Soon, crush will go. Teen life. 

When Allah says yes, nobody can say no.
I believe He knows best for both of us. 

Like one used to say, loving is not about memiliki. Hehh. 

Sorilah, tak bermanfaat kalau tengok surface. 
But seriously, tell Allah what you feel and He will take care of it. 
If the love should grow, Allah will let it grow the halal way. :) beautiful days await for those who seek!

Time saya segan / malu saya delete lah post ni. Huhuhu. But believe me, there is nothing to hide when you believe you done no wrong :p

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  1. hehe... always remember that Allah swt knows what is best for us. n setiap apa yg berlaku dlm hidup kita, ada hikmah di sebaliknya :)


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