Monday, May 20, 2013

You complete me. Final exam distractions.

- bismillah -

You complete me. 
Of peanut butter and jam. 

I have my final exams scheduled to be on the coming thursday and the next thursday after that. 

The materials to be covered and revised are quite large. But alhamdulillah Allah has never make things bad and worse for his servant. It is either the servant him/herself that dont know how to spent time wisely. 

Yes, everybody is given enough time everyday. Enough according to one's need. 

Well, this is not what i really want to write actually. 

In this post, i'd like to say something about our inner side. Yes, might be related to the spiritual side. 


Studying for final exam, there will be so many distractions that will simply shift our focus away from what we are doing eg. reading, studying. 

It is during the exam preparation that we want to read the mushy love stories. 
It's during this time that we sneak a time to stalk what others are doing in the virtual internet world. 
It's during this time that we want to talk for a long time with our family. 
Even the long abandoned diary is about to be filled with our life's drama during this study week. 

Why is that so? Anything that can distract us from studying will be urging us now and then for attention. 

For me, we all know that studying is a good rewarded deed in Islam. 

And for every good deed, there will always have the sort-of inhibitors. 

Yes, the syaitan. 
They will always whisper to the sons of Adam to do bad deeds and abandoned good deeds. That is their promised to Allah when they were thrown out from the Paradise into the world. 
The dialogue was mentioned in the quran. 

I'm not to lamely blame syaitan for his works to do the distractions, but what we have to know is that, those distractions can be resist with such a strong inner power. Yeah. The power comes when we rely only on Allah in what ever we are doing. 

My friend said, when you believe that Allah will reward you for your efforts, there is no reason to feel tired. 

Again, strong inner faith. 

Apart from such disturbances and distractions, 
 i am also facing another thing...

I got a kind of gasteritis during this short study period. 
It made me feels weak and about to vomit most of the time. 
Not to mention the sleepy head each time after meals. 
I dont find the relation of gastritis with sleepy head but yeah, it happened anyway. 

The cvs final exam was answered with the hot singing stomach (read: heartburn). 

Worry not, it's not acute. And i dont hope it is chronic neither. 
Pray for my health :) and the inner beauty. Kehs. Haha. 

That's all for now. 

P/s this is also a kind of distraction for me. To write a blog entry in the midst of the day when others are studying. 

May Allah bless me and you. 
May Allah accept this as a rewardful distraction, not merely a waste of time. 
I am sorry if i have ever distract my readers with the posts but i hope the posts are all beneficial, for us to ponder and self-reflects. 
Pray for my focus and straight intention lillah. 

Allah. He is One who has never do harm for anyone. 
Keep believing, no matter unexpectable an event could be happened.
Because Allah always carry out His plans well. 

He always complete our '(more than) half missing part'. 
HasbiyyAllahu ni3mal wakil. 
Bittaufiq fil hayah. :)

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