Saturday, April 6, 2013




Human beings are hunger for appreciation from those who are around.
I read a book last night and found this:
"Those who know how to satisfy the hunger of others for appreciation will be much appreciated as friends by others too."

The book says some more, "to determine how others treat you, you must first take note on how your response towards their act."
For example, (this is from the book) a mother was hurt by the action of her children that they called her seldomly. During one longed hardly call form he child, she spoke coldly, making her son feeling to make less call than before.

Back to the theory above, her son's action (to call his mom less than before) was due to his mom cold replies in the phone call.
Nevertheless, to make sure her son calls her more often, she should have react that she like it when her son phoned her, talks warmly and full of loves and be asertive with her feeling that she like it that way.

Upon knowing and hearing that his mother was happy that he phoned her, he will feel bad not to call his mom often.

Get it what am i saying?

To determine how other treat you, how other people act towards you, it is depending on how your responses towards their act; good responses are followed by desireable acts and treats.


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