Friday, January 25, 2013

Vacation update #4

- bismillah -

24 Jan '13

"Glen McArthur factory outlet."
The chilling wind makes me awake and i start to realise that i am not dreaming.

Repeatedly i said to my other travel (read : vacation) mates that i cant believe what am i doing. Stepping into boutiques, shops and outlets of branded items. Ending up with paper bags from the shops. Oh you better dont ask me what did i buy. :)
But it was as if in a film. As movie star.
Oh. Oh. Oh.

May Allah bless me.

I was once imagining going home giving gifts to everyone. Allahuakbar. :)

My friend and I decided to pray jamak taqdim.
Pray first before going crazy with shopping. Because we know that the time is limited, so if we dont start praying in the first place, it seems that later on we will be rushing in solat. Which is Allah tak suka.

We were thinking about solat at the fitting room :p
But then they are all too small and it seemed awkward somehow.
So we just decided to pray at the open space outside the shops.

"Farhana, we can use my inner sweater as the rug (sejadah)"
"Dont worry, i got a shawl inside my backpack." I replied.
Inside my mind, sejadah - ada
Kiblat - phone ada
Tempat solat - ada

But then both of us stop suddenly.
There is a small cute fluffy little dog in front of us!
and it was walking innocently.

No. No. The floor is wet. And in pur religion, the solat (prayer) has to be done in a clean place. Sacred one is better.
And dogs' paces are fine except when they are wet. It cant be tolerated.

"Farhana, does it mean that Allah wouldnt want us to solat in the open space?"

Maybeeee. Because it was all of the sudden that the cute dog appeared! No dogs were seen before that.

So we cancelled our (crazy) plan of praying outside nor inside the fitting room.
We pray inside the VW instead.
Alhamdulillah :) with Allah's willing.

Summing up, i am about 20 years old and i did shopping in europe!

Which is totally unexpectable.
May Allah bless me.
May Allah ease my way of becoming a mukminah Doctor.

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