Friday, January 25, 2013

Vacation update #3


22 January 2013.

Kids are so much of fun.
They live their world full of hopes and joy. Believing in every words they hear out of innocence.
May Allah bless them, as always.

We are inside the car.
"Adik, are you ready for zzzz (snoozing sound)?" A brother asks his sister.
And the sister cant help but laughing happily hearing the snoozing sound which his brother has just made.
"Abang can you please do that again?" She asks his brother again and again until the mother has to stopped the laughters.
"Mama, Abang is telling jokes and it is funny!"
And the joy and cheerful state fills the whole car.

Amazing how children can draw rainbows of joy on our plain canvas.


With Allah's willing, i hope my dream will come true.
May Allah ease my way. Amiin. :)

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