Thursday, January 3, 2013


- Bismillah -

I just knew that guys are worried of their capabilities are being underestimated by the opposite sex.

Bawah ni semua rants. Sayang masa, sayang diri, tak perlu baca. Ilmiahnya yang kat atas tu ja. Trimas.

These are what i want to say (or perhaps keep saying) to person 1, 2, 3, 4. Honestly, 4 is you.

I am sorry.
But i want to know wether the ticket is considered debt or sedekah.
Silence aint golden in this exam period - fatrah.
I want to say that i am sorry that you might feel offended but trust me i just dint want to trouble you.
I just cant accept the fact that you are walking far back home alone each time.
Accept this is as a common sense from me.
I am sorry for the double murakib, senior yg baik.
Can u stop the bugging? It is troublesomes to see the presences in the notification.
I am not talking to you.

And these are what girls 5 and 6 said to me:
I saw you commenting in the fb wall post of 7. Maybe from that post which others find you 'approachable and talkatives'
Be careful with what other people judge and think about you and your fb.

And this is what i say to myself
Somebody has to be in the restricted list...

Oh and to 8,
Lower down your ego please. Am afraid that your's is raising mine.
I want my memory card back. Thank you.

And to 9 who wonders why i stopped posting the blog's new entry on my own wall,
This is one of the answer.
This is not worth for a person like you to read.
I only share posts which are apart from rooftop rantings like this.

I wish i have the courage to say all these.


  1. Hi baby,
    Don't forget no 10!
    'She deserve to have anything that can make herself happy and have her own freedom (as long as within the syariat.'

    Kadang2 terlalu pikirkan apa orang anggap pada kita pun, akan menyekat dan membataskan kemampuan kita.....

    And no 10 here is YOU! YOURSELF!
    LOVE U~

    Tak suker ler bila ada orang buat adik kiter pikir banyak2 sangat....

  2. I love number 11 so much.
    May Allah loves her much more.
    Because 11 is my only sister, i have no other.

    Akak, thank uuuu :')
    Sweetnya akak!


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