Monday, November 5, 2012

I told them about it but it went back to me.


Boomerang of dakwah. Ever heard about it?
it's just like 'I told them about it, but it went back to me. '

A young boy shouted in a crowd, "you have to bring umbrella everywhere you go! bcos it is dangerous out there!!".

A young lady who heard the talk by distance, nodded before taking an umbrella inside a cupboard. She wanted to go out.

After a while in the city street, the rain started to pour down. The lady with umbrella felt safe and thanked the boy for his reminder, also from distance.
The boy was glad to see many people with umbrellas in their hands in the rain. 'alhamdulillah, they are all safe,' he muttered them low.

The boy walked home happily. He got no umbrella in his hands, but he felt alright. After all, 'i have made their days!' he shouted excitedly. A young lady who walked pass him smiled and nodded as mutual respect.

The next morning, he had a yellow umbrella in his hands.
The moment he stepped out of his house, the rain poured down heavily. The wind blew so strong that he almost lost his grip on the umbrella. What was the worst, the lightning and thunderstorms seemed to await him in the front.

'no, i cant put down this umbrella. Why cant i count on my own words at the time where people are thankful and benefited from it?' the boy's heart ticked.

'why cant i have the drizzle? Why do i have to meet with the thunderstorms and lightning? Why it is me who have to put down my umbrella?' he shouted hard.

Suddenly he felt the rain water touched his face. His left arm ached with cramps. He saw that his umbrella was on the ground by his side. He realised that he was already lying on the watery ground! He had been strucked by a lightning!

"ouchhhhhh! Help! Help! Oh no, I cant move!" he tried hard to get up but he failed. He thought that he was paralysed. He shivered in cold in the pouring rain, waiting for some miracles to happen.

A black sillhoute appeared in his view. It was in the shape of an umbrella. Yes, it was a human watching him under an umbrella. He felt relieved that at last a man found him. He would be saved.

"I am here just to answer your question. I am not going to save you." a voice echoed above his face.

Under the umbrella shade, with contrast to the white sky, he couldnt see the face of the talking person. But he knew, from the tone of the talking voice, it was from an old man.

"What we have told other people to do, it is for the people who heard it. While for the one who delivers the message, he has to hear from somebody else too."

"Dont ever think you have had it enough when seeing others are following your advices, but worry much if you had not found anybody to listen to that you could follow."

"If you want only drizzles and hating thunderstorm, now i want to ask, do you prefer being the one who just listen to preachers or be the one who deliver the messages of dakwah?"

"Young man, be sincere and keep improving yourself, your knowledge and attitudes. Bear in mind that you are just not like the others when you choose to be the one who give good advices to them. To give is always better than to receive."

"And one more thing my son, dont ever think that you are the most kind and best person apart from others. Dont just study, but learn."

A young lady came into his view. Again, she smiled to him in acknowledgement. The boy smiled back, only to realised that he was still standing in front if his house. He touched his face and it was alright with no pain. Upon checking his cloth which was not even wet, he knew that just now he had listened to good advices.

He knew it from that day, GIVING advices to others must always be followed by SEEKING advices from others too.

selamat berdakwah, pada diri sendiri dan orang sekeliling.

Ingat Allah selalu, moga Allah jaga kita.
Moga apa yang kita sampaikan tak akan jadi ujian dan fitnah yang tidak tertanggung.

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