Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My day, their day. They made my day.


We never know when our fates going to happen.

Sometimes we treat a person named A badly, but with the twist of fate, it is the same person A who turns up offering help to us when in need.
Like the song by sami yusuf, "heal and you will be healed", treating other people kindly and the right way would not make us any loss but a lot of profits gained instead.

Sometime, we come to an end and feeling helpless, maybe in doing something new or tiresome, but upon seeing a calm face from a calm person who is also in the same situation as us, the tired and bored feelings vanished. At the same time, we felt shame upon ourself for not being patient or at least acting calm.

Admirations come and go. The best way to acknowledge and entertain the feeling is simply by loving the thing truly because of Allah. Feeling happy when the person happy, so doa is the best remedy. Doa for the person to lead a blissful life, married a good partner and lead a successful life. This way i believe is the most fair and a just way for both parties, one get good doa for their admired qualities, while the other one is safe from lust which started from an unmanageble admiration.

Told ya, i admire everybody i met. No worries, admirations and lusts are not the same.
Because, due to lusts (nafsu), one can even feel good and like a bad character.
If you father happened to be a smoker, i believe you dont love him because he is a smoker, but because he is your hero. That's how i mean to say.

So, i learnt that, i need to learn to trust people.
Because they helped me most at the time i think nobody can.

Or this is all about ego?

Oh Allah. If this is an ego, then move it away from my life.
If this is a firm principle, then make it stay.

May Allah bless me, and everybody i care and i love :))

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