Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The ice cream and i (hihi)


"Seeing a friend laughing in the sun rays by the roadside somehow cheers our day". - me.
My day, alhamdulillah.

When we ask for a good thing to happen, and alhamdulillah we get it the way we want, should we just 'celebrate' it alone? Saying alhamdulillah and keep smiling all the way is just enough?

strawberry flavoured ice cream in here is different from in malaysia :)
It was a hot day, and i wanted an ice cream so much that i pray silently for the ice cream. huhu.
And alhamdulillah i managed to buy it! (not-yet anyone giving me) :D
It's okay, i take it as "Allah belanja dengan beri kemampuan pada saya" :))

Found a place, i eat it like a child. Slowly and deeply into it. Dalam hati, alhamdulillah... Dah Allah izin beli, jumpa tempat best pulak tu utk makan. :)

I finished half of the cup, having offered it to my other friends but they just dont want it that time, we waited for a taxi by the roadside. I saw a friend coming from far and waved. She waved back.

My hand automatically handed the half cup of ice cream to her, offering some.
Not just that, my mouth uttered magic words automatically to her too
"akak ambillah semua, saya dah makan banyak dah..."

Erk. What did i just do?

I looked into her face and the eyes, she looked happy and eat the ice cream on the spot. Hehe. Somehow, i have no regret after seeing the joyful face.

In the taxi, i pray deep in the heart, that i wish for such happiness to be upon me too, not bestowed from human, but i want happiness bestowed from Allah. :)

At first i was uneasy with my automatic hands and mouth coordinations, but then i realised something.
Hadnt i give the ice cream away, i could finished eating it at home, but i just get the ice cream, nothing more to make my day special :')
Alhamdulillah, i believe if i make people happy and be thankful to Allah, Allah will pay me the rewards. After all, i gained it in the first place from Him :)

May Allah helps my heart feeling ease for kindness.
May i have lighter hands for helping.
May syaitan is away from doubting me.

May Allah bless us with jannah.

somehow, 'erti hidup pada memberi'. :D mari belajar ikhlaskan diri.

P/s today is day 4 for my second year lecture. Alhamdulillah :)) moga bila Allah izin jadi doktor nanti, lebih banyak kebahagiaan dirasai bila lihat orang lain bahagia, amiin. :D

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