Friday, July 13, 2012

random choices - we are those chosen


kenapa kita nak apa yang orang lain ada? 
ya kita hidup dengan satu tujuan yang sama, tapi kita dalam pilihan berbeza.
tangan yang memilih kita dari kalangan yang lain, hanya kualiti membezakan kita.

tapi, dalam masakan, semua kita yang dipilih sama2 memberikan kesan.

Cili itu tidak pernah berkata-kata.
Warna merahnya,
kerut-kerut kulitnya,
baunya apabila direbus,
Semua itu bawa satu komunikasi yang sama.


believe in Allah, He chose us to be in the events He has already created before we are bornt to the world.

to see how many differences in faces at the university,
some are beautifully created while some others are beautifully 'crafted',

to see a disabled people walking side by side with normal healthy people in the university,

to notice a poor guy walked passed me with heavy things on his two skinny shoulders, i looked down at my both hands, i was just holding plastic bags with 3 bottles of clorox and a 1L softener, which i complaint too heavy that i want a helping hand so much at that time to walk home.

to know the fact that some who study hard gained unsatisfying mark, while some others who study in relaxation achieved good mark to be compared with the efforts given,

to be with those who have big family members of 8, 9 or even 10 siblings, while some are just a single child in the family,

Allah is just too Fair. He is Wise. He is Just. Maha Adil.

to realise the fact that nobody is in misfortune, no, never will Allah be unjust to His creatures.

jangan sedih kalau bukan cili yang terpilih.
tak boleh masuk dalam sambal, masuk dalam paprik pun boleh :]

Allah sangat Adil.

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