Friday, March 23, 2012

going to makkah : we must have 'something' !



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baru lepas baca BLOG [ini]. subhanAllah moga Allah izin saya sekeluarga ke sana jugak!

duduk di jordan ambil masa 25 jam kalau naik bas pi buat umrah. tapi, walaupun jarak dekat, duit ada, kalau Allah tak izin tak boleh sampai jugak. *tak ada mahram (yet).

insyaAllah, saya akan pergi dengan keluarga sendiri! :) moga Allah izin. doakan!

here we go,,
(uhm hum)
about going to makkah,
performing hajj,
we must have 'something',
Islam motivates us to have savings.

(uhm hum)
about giving sedekah,
we must have 'something',
Islam motivates us to have savings.

(uhm hum)
about having property,
then pay for zakat,
we must have 'something',
Islam motivates us to have savings.

how about debts?
to be settled upon death is a MUST
or else your soul will be hanging
between the earth & the sky. 0.o
we must have 'something',
Islam motivates us to have savings.

(uhm hum)people getting rich with Islam.
for we must have 'something',
Islam motivates us to have savings.

yes, i repeatedly saying that...
"we must have 'something', Islam motivates us to have savings."

what is that 'something?'
money ? NO.
power ? maybe.

but these 'something' are...

ok, something(s).

niat. wait, do you know about the law of attraction ? the law which was proposed by somebody-i-dont-remember, saying that if we think of something, we are actually attracting it to our way.

you think that you want to eat an ice cream, and in the evening you found out a tub of ice cream in the freezer - your  mom bought that.
you think that a toddler terkedek2 will fall upon his feet after a few while, stumble on the floor, and... the toddler fell - but later stand up again. :3

ok, you saw a child playing with hard object/toy, and you just imagine that the child knock you head with that hard thing. and it did happen! o.0

what you think, it happens.
what you want, you get.

in islam, the law of attraction is DOA.
trust in Allah :)

so, never lose hope. indeed, SET UP your hope. going to Makkah! =)


either being poor or rich, i must keep in mind that being a muslim is not only in Makkah.
dont lose your hope farhana!

Nabi loves being poor :) but he is the most richest man in the akhirat!
*selawat* - dapat pahala = kaya juga :)

oklah, esok ada exam. doakan yang terbaik!


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