Friday, January 6, 2012

solat comes first, after all.


it has been quite a long time since i write in english.
i'll be sitting for the English exam tomorrow, starting at 8.15 in the morning.
pray for me!

oh ya, the Biology is on the day after tomorrow.

i love to see my friends studying.
but i love it even more when they study to earn the pleasure of Allah.

at time, minutes after the azan, they would come to my door, knocking sometimes~,
"farhana, let us solat together," with the warmest smile lining the face. oh yeah, drop the study farhana. solat first.
thanks sahabat!

at time, while i was walking back to the bus station from the medicine faculty building in the university, a friend told me this precious advice,
"try to perform early solat as possible as you can. for a senior once said to me, 'i am afraid to say that everything we do before performing solat wont be taken into account for barakah.'. so what do you think then? the biscuit we eat before solat wont be in barakah? the study we made before solat ?" she asked me.


i lost in my deep thought again, keeping my pace fast since the weather was too chill to enjoy the red horizon across the sky with the setting sun.

about the question, i dont know the answer. but i have the strange feeling. i dont feel it's good to eat before solat. i dont feel it's good to keep on studying while other people are praying across the globe.

yet, at times, i still do what shouldnt be done.
so does everybody.

i know, that's why we need each other. to remind each other. to keep reminding.

insyaAllah. may Allah bless. thanks for setting such good examples for me, friends.


  1. good advise.")
    true.. orait. now im going to solat first.

  2. Kita sebagai jiran tetangga digalakkan untuk saling ziarah menziarahi.. huhu..
    Jom masuk blog saya. Ada post terbaru bertajuk Hukum Berkaraoke Yang Betul Oleh Ustaz Azhar


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