Monday, December 12, 2011

stop abusing others, spammers.



just a short post.

i am sincerely saying this to those whom it may concern,

i HATE spammers. i HATE spammers. i HATE spammers.

if you are a human being, please note that you can only do spam in a place where there is no Allah to watch you out. is there any place in the universe where you can find a place to hurt other people on purpose?

my first email address had been spammed. my first email account, the one that i had created a long time ago, the one that i first used to step into the internet world,,, it carries to much of my childhood memories to be listed.
hurm, the email address was used to send spams to thousands of other inboxs. i shall see you, the one who did this, later. but then, on the Day of Resurrection, i will be too busy with myself that i dont even think i will want to meet you.

secondly, no more chatbox in the blog. i do like adds, but not with forces. not with insincerity. not with 'unintelligentness' or-any-other-word-that-can-describe the ...silly deeds. =.=

once i deleted my chatbox, i lost the oppurtinity to chat with my friends who dropped by. thank you spammers. i hate you even more.

thirdly, if you have nothing to comment, nothing to improve, nothing to share, dont put any comment. i appreciate anything that my friends dropped in the comment box, but not "click on the link to be cuter." and so on.

come on, remember Allah is watching. when you put up a false or haram adds, you have to pay for the risk. if one people had clicked, and became annoyed, cheated, can you imagine what will you gain back later ? being cursed by human being only ? no. the Rabb of the human being is always there to defend His servant.

what you give, you would get it back. either in this world or hereafter.

[surah al zalzalah]
even a tiny bit of anything you do, there is always a repay.

that's all.

the Prophet Muhammad said, those who lie are not mu'min. never will be accepted as a mu'min.
and Allah says, only mu'min whose are those of successful people. come on, life is short to plan when is the right time to become mu'min.

may Allah guide me always with my words and deeds. amiin.


  1. aammiin... that's good articles... :-)
    we love it... :-)
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  2. saya juga menghadapi masalah yang sama,
    sampaikan hilang mood hendak menulis walaupun banyak idea hendak dikongsikan kerana pengomen2 yg tidak beradab,
    kalau ada masa bole la baca coretan saya ini


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