Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Allah grants anything He wants, for us to take with open heart. :)

assalamualaikum. :) 

"keif ha lik?" (how are you?) :)
"alhamdulillah, ana kuwaiseh." (all praises to Allah, for i am fine.)
"wu enti?" (and you?)
"enti urduni?"
"shus mik enti?" (what is your name?)
"ismi Afnan. fi suratul ar rahman." (i am Afnan. the word is in the surah)
"ana Islam."
"ana Rimaa. i have been searching malaysian student who can speak english with me."
"nur, did you know korea?" 
"super junior?"
"can you speak thai?"
"on thursday, i am going to ask you some question. i want to see you do it. can you?"
those dialogues were what happened in my physics class, day by day. my arab friends usually call all malaysian student with the same typical name, that is Nur. adeh. but, those were all said by my fellow friends. ;)
"can i see you in my office? can you come after this class? i need to see you. or if you have class after this, please drop by my office at level 0, at any time. i need to see you."
i cant stop reminiscing these words. :) which was said by my lecturer, seeing that i am the only malaysian in his class. what is more exciting is that he can arrange a fixed time for me to consult with him. and one more special thing is that he share the same name with my father. :)
stepping back to my first days and in the first week of going to the physics class,,
i remember how i walk alone, searching for the right building, seeking for the correct room, and cannot stop feeling nervous about who i am going to meet, where i am going to sit, who are the other malaysian student who share the same class with me, how is the lecturer, is he or she? what language will be used? bla bla bla. surprisingly, i meet none malaysian student there in the class. adeh.

memories. :) 

all praises to Allah. He has given me a lot of good things, which seemed difficult in the first place, but later, a lot of good things came.
another example from me is that, i have classes starting from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening for 3 days in a week, while some of my friends have 5 days classes in the morning only - with no classes in the evening at all. at first, i was feeling quite uneasy for i want to have a rest in the evening like my other friends, but nowadays, i can see that my timetable is perfect. the uneasy feeling did not last long. Allah has stated that i have 3 days packed with classes in the universities because He wants me to join a talaqqi class (a class about Quran study) on another 2 free days. alhamdulillah. i am thankful that Allah has chosen the right timetable for each of His servant very well that we should have never complaint nor regret.
now, the core of the post. :) i am going to share with you these words, which i got from usrah PINTAR, which was from a video in the youtube - he accepts Islam - in the first place :)

Surrender, Submission, Sincerity, Obedient & Peace.
all these are the thesauri for the magic word, ISLAM.
Surrendering? Are we being defeated without even fighting? No. But in order to win the most of everything, we have to follow the most righteous Ruler. Surrender to Allah, give your heart and soul to Him. Simply do whatever He has told us to, and leave whatever He has forbid. Try to think about surrendering to Allah during your ibtidal in solat, in between rukuk & sujud. Are you standing just because you are up from rukuk and about to do the sujud? No. ibtidal is not an R&R (rest & relax). It’s indeed a rukun. Do it with all your heart, whether you like it or wondering why you have to do it. This is the matter of surrendering to Allah, leaving the hikmah for Him to decide and grant to us.

What to submit? An assignment, probably? Or the 250 words of a fictional essay? NO. We submit our soul, our heart and deeds to Him. Ibadah. Submit as much as the time permitted. Never waste a single time. Opt for the full marks, as always J. Submit our ibadah just for Him to judge, not for showing off.

Life is an art of giving. Give great things with all your heart. Make your solat great and beautifully organised, to present it to Him. Sometimes, gift wrappers can reflect one’s Sincerity in giving present, right?. Hihu. Waking up in the morning, be sincere. Stepping out of our home, be sincere. Dont just do everyday's routine without sincerity. Hear the whisper in our heart, ' i do not step out of my house, into this cold wind, meeting with foreign people, unless i want Allah to grant me with hikmah, redha, rahmat & syurga.' come on, whisper them to your heart if you cannot hear those words :)

Same meaning. 'What Allah said is what I agree'. 'What I say and what I do must be the one that has been agreed by Him'. Simple.

There’s no chaos in Islam. About the fortunes & wealth inheritance, faraid, settled, no arguments in families. The law of crimes, qisas, hudud, azar, settled. The act of learning and knowledge-digging process, iqra’, settled, with no forces and lies or hidden conspiracy. 
How about rezeki (wealth) division? Still there are some who are rich while some others are poor? Peace. Islam is Peace. Say, “it’s ok. This is enough for me. Thank you. If I can have more without losing my iman to Allah, I want more of this rezeki, please.” We can always say prayers. It’s the most convenient shortcut. Ka-ching! 

so, how muslim are we? do we really Islam? are we really surrender to Allah when it comes to exam result or we still have another choice? do we really obedient when it comes to qiyamullail? do we fast in the days out of sincerity or out of money? do we feel glad and happy and thankful with what has Allah granted? how about ibadah submission, are we feeling tired already?
that is all for now. hope that my english is getting better. Allah arranged me a nice lecturer, but there is a small problem arised. this is my first time not being the apple to my english teachers since schooldays. nevertheless, i love Allah for everything He had stated. :)

i am muslim. i am Islam. Allah grants anything He wants, for me to take with open heart. :) pray for my islah (getting better) each day. thank you. :)
may Allah bless us, as always :D

*ahha, no comments allowed unless personal comment for the sake of me, my deen & everybody's goodness. thank you. do PM me if anything unclear /mistakenly understood in the post. :) peace.

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