Friday, September 2, 2011

my short note before departing


alhamdulillah. today is the forth day of Raya. :)

just a short entry. a reminder for me though:
yes, i am about to depart to Jordan soon.
i am about to live there for six years full of study.
i am about to leave my former life in malaysia.
i am about to have everything changes ...


no, i cannot foresee my future
i cannot simply tell others that i will totally be graduated excellently after 6 years
i cannot picture myself in a white doctor's coat in the hospital
i cannot tell you who am i going to marry
neither can i say who


I can build the HOPES
I can send them through DOA


You can help me smoothen my journey
also by the DOA


do pray for my success!
now & hereafter


Allah says that "farhana can be a doctor"


Allah stated that "farhana cannot be one"


HELP me to accept what have Allah fated for me.

that's all for now. thank you for such high hopes and expectations from everybody. DOA for my success, health & stronger faith in Allah. it's not that i dont want you to put a trust in me for the successful future, it's just that i hope i can have everybody's trust on what has Allah destined for me is the best thing to me.

forgive me on wrongdoings, on my overdoes, over-reacting status in fb, over exposed acts on moving, everything that may disturb your good feelings on me.

i want everybody to send me with excited feeling, being thankful to Allah for giving your friend / sibling / family member a chance to live differently, and hopes + doa that i am strong to face what ever fates has Allah destined for me.

thank you. i love you who cares for me without im knowing. do tell Allah everything you feel about me, so that He can change me for good and so that i can be better day by day. i rely on Allah for everything, for Allah is the Real Judge.



  1. all the best farhana kat sana.moga selamat pergi dan selamat pulang. :)

  2. @sal,
    trima kasih. good luck jugak ampa kat sini :)
    doakan km kuat na kat sana sorang2 - wpun kawan sahabat ramai ttp rasa asing =] huu

  3. saya tak pandai Bi, hahaha.. BEL pon dapat cukup2 makan jaaa


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