Monday, September 12, 2011

2 days before departing


assalamualaikum. i am sorry about being self-centered in the post. but this is my blog anyway, and be grateful that it is public. thank you friends :)

i am talking about worries...

 i was worried. i am worried.

have just read one of my friend's note about living abroad.
my friend said something about feeling homesick, =.=' and that friend is a guy. now i wonder how would a girl (read : being the youngest in the family) would feel then ?

 second thing.
i've just viewed one of my friends' photos of living abroad. and he is a guy. (another male friend la~). what i was worried is not about the facial expressions and such, but the background of the picture. to be exact, the climate.

talking about climate and weather, it is raining drizzly on-and-off here now in perlis. you can watch the flood at buletin utama tv3 =.= for more info.

 nevertheless, what i want to say is that, i am feeling glad and happy to see the water here and there. there's flood everywhere~~~ :). because there is no single drip of water at certain time in a year at my new place. erm i am sorry for those who were involved in the flood, but trust me, Allah would grant you with lots of HIKMAH then.

for a rough view, try to compare the region of Malaysia's land with one at the middle east. the major difference that i can tell roughly (as i haven't been there) is that the color of the land. one is lush green while the other is pale deserted earth... ?

here, use the google maps. :)
direction of use :
type 'Queen Alia International Airport'. observe carefully.
typer 'Kuala Lumpur International Airport'. compare & contrast the two lands.
=full marks for essay question= 

erm. third thing listed is about living, leading my own life. after 18 years of comfort living under parents & family cares, i am now going to lead my own life, all by myself (of course with Allah's supervision - amiin). there'll be nobody to help me to wash my clothes, iron them when i'm in hurry, send me to school and any other places, person to accompany, to hug, to cry, to do everything... =.= (or at least remind me about those tasks and works ==.)

speaking about being independent, some people say & even think that 'school-leavers learn to be independent during PLKN.' 

NO! it's not like that. i tell you, there is a laundry service for your heavy garments and even the bedsheets being replaced every week for FREE, character-building modules classess every morning FREE of charge, and not to forget FREE foods 6 times per day. FREE yummy tasty foods to be exact, unless you are the ungrateful one. :)

wait, how come am i speaking about PLKN in the middle of departure worries ?

well, here come the tazkirah moment. tazkirah is peringatan. and tazkirah is the most effective when Allah grants us His hidayah. and i am giving this peringatan to my own self (and to those who applies~ hihi).

find those in Al-Quran!

*tips => go to, search 'berjalanlah'. :) easy.
but remember, one can never tafsir (not equal to translate) ayat Allah ikut fikiran sendiri. read, and take notice, never ask why Allah says so and everything you dont know about the ayat. for guidance, buy a tafsir kitab. tafsir al-azhar, tafsir ibn kathir.

hurm. may these ayat below will help me in gaining the spirits back. but Allah is the best Helper of all :)

[29:20] Surah al-Ankabut
Sahih International
Say, [O Muhammad], "Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah , over all things, is competent."
Katakanlah: "Mengembaralah kamu di muka bumi, serta lihatlah bagaimana Allah telah memulakan ciptaan makhluk-makhluk dari asal jadinya; kemudian Allah akan memulakan ciptaan itu semula (pada hari akhirat) dalam bentuk kejadian yang baharu. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu.

[3:137] Surah ali-Imran
Sahih International
Similar situations [as yours] have passed on before you, so proceed throughout the earth and observe how was the end of those who denied.
Sesungguhnya telah berlaku sebelum kamu (contoh kejadian-kejadian berdasarkan) peraturan-peraturan Allah yang tetap; oleh itu mengembaralah kamu di muka bumi, kemudian perhatikanlah bagaimana akibat orang-orang yang mendustakan (Rasul-rasul).

[32:26] Surah Sajdah ayat 26
Sahih International
Has it not become clear to them how many generations We destroyed before them, [as] they walk among their dwellings? Indeed in that are signs; then do they not hear?
Dan apakah tidak menjadi petunjuk bagi mereka, berapa banyak umat sebelum mereka yang telah Kami binasakan sedangkan mereka sendiri berjalan di tempat-tempat kediaman mereka itu. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu terdapat tanda-tanda (kekuasaan Allah). Maka apakah mereka tidak mendengarkan?
Dan belumkah lagi ternyata kepada mereka (yang kafir itu): bahawa Kami telah binasakan berapa banyak dari kaum-kaum yang kufur ingkar dahulu daripada mereka, padahal mereka sekarang berulang-alik melalui tempat-tempat tinggal kaum-kaum itu? Sesungguhnya kebinasaan kaum-kaum itu mengandungi keterangan-keterangan (untuk mengambil iktibar); oleh itu tidakkah mereka mahu mendengar (dan insaf)?

sekian. :) ingat niat utama, insyaAllah dah tak ada kerisauan. rawatlah hati sebelum merawat fizikal manusia kelak. doakan saya berjaya jadi doktor yang cemerlang di sisi Allah, dunia & akhirat. amiin.

maafkan ketidakseragaman bahasa, cuma yang penting kefahaman, iaitu Allah sebaik2 sandaran, ketika senang serta susah. :)


  1. salam. it is very common for those who are gonna leave their own land to have the mix feelings. you will feel better when you are there insyaallah. Allah will help you dear. :)

  2. salam... telah melawat blog anda. anyway, nice blog post!


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