Saturday, July 16, 2011

what did i have in the new place :)


assalamualaikum. :)
woah it had been quite a long time since i write this blog's entry in english. well, do excuse me for some grammatical errors (if you really that care of the matter~).

warning : this is just about my mumbling. :]

firstly, living in 'here', i got to know what do i have always wanted.
having sisters (akhawat) who love Allah and Islam, who love being smart and gorgeous in Allah's view, had taught me how important is the wording "Islam is the way of life".

to be frank, i was quite impressed to have them, who simply fit into my cup of cappucino (read : tea lah). i'm happy to have them who see 'not putting their face & photos on social sites is normal and a good thing. there's nothing wrong or rugi about that'. before this, only some of my sisters in school thought the same thing. well, i'd like to stress again that there is nothing wrong if you put your photos as primary photo, it is just about my cappucino. peace ==v

secondly, i get to know myself more. before this, i had barely know what quality do i have. but being here, i know that i possess certain qualities (and of course along with weaknesses). being involve in some religious meetings every week, experiencing 'floating-class' schedule, having fun through the sports activities, all these had taught me ways to tackle situations islamically. well, i don't say that practising islamic values will prohibit one's participation in certain activities, but what i am saying here is that how far would you obey to Allah and hold the principles of islam in every situation. for a simple situation that i can share with you is that i cannnot simply wear a 'longar' shirt to play sport. but i have to wear the handsocks as well so that my arms wont be exposed whenever i catch the ball. this is what i mean when i say about 'optimising my strength for good'.
in short, when you already have a strong principle, dont just hold it, but make it bettter, add some points to it. value yourself by upgrading your former principle. the principles can be some other things apart from islamic principles. let say, your principle is 'being punctual on any occasion'. now try to upgrade it. (dont just be punctual, do something that benefits you when waiting for others who arrive later). again, optimising strength for good. :D

well, it is useless if i didn't optimise my strengths for good, and even worse if i ignore the weaknesses. hehh but i dont think this is the right time for me to share my weaknesses with you :] hihii

thirdly, i learn to value my family and MONEY more when i'm 'here'. speaking about money, i used to be the kind of like brand conscious person~ (lucky i live in perlis before that there are not much of branded things). but now, i'm living in shah alam. haha. at first, i even thought about buying an umbrella at watson instead of mydin. i use a branded softener for my washing. i drink milo instead of ovaltine. i even consider drinking spritzer instead of cactus. heheh. but, money. i start to value my money when i'm short of it. that time, i got no chance of going to the bank atm to do the withdrawal. but alhamdulillah, everything is fine now. the bank is just a stone throw away, all i need is the t.i.m.e to go there.
when i say i learn to value money, it's not that i am being stingy, but it's for my living expenses. i learn to differentiate the words 'necessary' and 'accessory'. hehh (but i drink mineral water instead of boiled cold water - i'll have sore throat if i didnt) =.= and i cant use normal soap for my skin. sekian.

the next thing i learn is, dont ever be a selfish person. especially when we are in the process of learning and studying. i am afraid to say that, for those selfish people, can you answer 'the Question' : "what did you do with the ilmu all by yourself?" "why dont you share the knowledge with others?" "can you hold the knowledge and the practices all by yourself without making it disappear from the world?" or simply an accusation, "it's not my fault that i didnt know about the knowledge. you dont share it with me that i'am now being stupid" -dont ask me who will ask & say these- it's in the afterworld. and nobody knows how will it be.

that's all for now. i would likely to tell you everything if i write more.
thank you very much for your time of getting to know me.

p/s: ayah asked me in phone call one day, "adik, makan minum ok?" ok... "agama macam mana?" terharu ;] moga Allah sayang saya & mak & ayah saya & family saya :) :) :)


  1. its natural to for people who actually moved in to a new place.
    yah. no kidding,sometimes we have to survive in that way.
    wish u all the best in the future
    may Allah bless u =)

  2. u are gahaha.... i learned new things when i am 'here' (here in different place of yours for sure. ngehee~~) too...
    but guess i was quite l.a.m.p.i to actually realize the different 'me'. T____T
    good for u to know it sooner and learned everything from the very beginning. (i started with annoying person who actually know nothing about her annoyed people.gaahahaa... aduh... sungguh kesian kawan2 hamba.)
    anywhere, all the best dear! ^^ gihiiii~~ senyum sokmo!

    p/s: conscious about branded things... u've got to learn how to get rid of it. else,u will suffer <<----dah kena. siyes susah nak buang. T.T
    sekian jugak. =P

  3. *kenapa kt guna 'anywhere'? ngigau. abaikan. hahaha~
    -supposed to be anyway, tho>? ngehehehe~~

  4. @qila
    alhamdulillah :)
    thank u,, may Allah loves u too, my blog-mate =) hihi

  5. @puteri cahaya :)
    hahaha glad to know that we share the same shoes :D
    yep, people around me are those who taught me :) alhamdulillah i got them around :)

    p/s: haha cant resist hunting for branded things :P sabarrr je lah kann :D


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