Saturday, May 14, 2011

alhamdulillah - scholarship :)


assalamualaikum :)


ditawarkan biasiswa untuk belajar :)

doakan amal ibadah saya lebih baik dari sebelum nih.

resmi padi; makin berisi, makin tunduk
moga hati bersih daripada penyakit2 hati.

dear friends, where ever Allah place me, i cant afford to lose you as my friends.
if i'm going on a wrong way, pull me back full of effort.
if i'm going on a bright way, follow me even with the beat of your heart.
your nods and smiles are all that i cried for, when i cant have you by my side.

who ever will i be in the future, only Allah knows.
you can predict, and so do i.
but we can never tell what has Allah planned for us.

Allah has destined the best for our souls to handle
yet there are circumstances for us to encounter
we cant simply be the best in the blink of the eyes
but one can be when he or she tries

it may take 75 months for me to finish
to come home finally with ease
in holding the big responsibilities
of treating patients and bringing peace
using the skills learned and practices

*haha saya dah mengarut ikut rhyme, kalau kurang faham, direct translation-kan saja dlm bm :) adehh

sekian :] doa2kan segala urusan baik dipermudahkan untuk saya :)


  1. alhamdulillah
    Allahu yubariku fik aidhan insyaAllah :)

    trima kasih :)

  2. feiry, tahniahh! do your best there. kalau rasa rindu kat adik-adik msia nih nnt, beli la apa-apa utk kami semua kat sini. lega sikit hati tu nnt. hahaha. :p

  3. @aisyah
    hahaha memang mengubat lara la kalau mcm tu :D
    thanks sis :D doa2kan hihii


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