Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a big tuesday of my life :) , interviewed & awarded


assalamualaikum :) & a very good morning to all *since i'm writing this in the morning~

alhamdulillah , yesterday was indeed a great day to describe. great for me & my parents.

i was invited for the scholarship's interview which was held at uitm arau , perlis.

the preparations
i did some readings on the articles over the internet and few books such as the 'Kerjaya Sebagai Doktor Perubatan' by Dr Azreen Adnan , 'Budaya Kerja Cemerlang' by an important figure but cant remember who is it, & of course the more famous one, 'Denyut Kasih Medik' by Dr Farhan Hadi. hihi :)
also printed out some materials from for interview's tips and references.

the night before the BIG day
i got mixed feeling. thinking about what to say, who to meet, and how should i react to the questions shot. haish. talked a little with some friends who were going there too , and it didnt soothe me out, but instead made me more nervous to see them like very well-prepared. adeh
i asked Allah, 'ya Allah , bagilah aku enjoy, bukan rasa terpaksa dan tertekan, amiin'

hari kejadian (the day of occurence :)
i was sooooo nervous that i refused to enter the main door =.= i stopped my mom from walking in, saying that "mak , jom tunggu ayah dulu". a friend came passed by along with his parents smiling and they look natural, almost without such nervous feeling like i do . adeh.
while waiting for dad to join me & mom, an officer from uitm came and said to me, "adik, temuduga kan ? nanti naik atas , aras 2" smiling. erkk 'do i look lost?' i thanked him and walk away into the building , after leaving my parents at the wainting tent.

...burrr.burrr.. i wore natural face, with no smile but yes with thumping heart climbing up the stairs...

i looked up and found a friend, smiling widely since she has finished the interview session. what a relief to see her ! (muna)

met the officers in charge, signed my attendance, and surprised (again) to see familiar names for my group in the interview session. what a relief again to see 2 plkn mates in there :)

had a little chat with sweet future-dentist, a chinese form alor setar before walking towards 2 of my former schoolmates (najee & muna). asked muna how was the flow of her session, and she was so kind to share those with us :) then came the friend who i met at the front door, seating by my side. (adeh, teringat plkn, duduk sebelah2 mcm tu, adeh nasib baik dah 'well-trained'). he went through my FIRST resume, and i looked into his. (ohh saya sangat malu, resume saya tak best ponnn =.=) i told myself, it's ok farhana, it was your first resume =.=
my friends chat a lot, asking this and that, i chose to stay quiet since i still feeling nervous that i cant think what to speak. there's no word came in my mind to share with them. seemed like what i knew based on my previous reading had disappeared at all! oh what's happening today, farhana, i asked my self.

......masuk, senyum, greetings, duduk.....

i looked around, and to my surprise, OMG why are the colleagues are holding a piece of paper each in thier hand???! oh noooooo.

i smile. pretending that there was nothing to worry. during the group disscussion, i asked innocently to the panels, "maaf , boleh kami bangun untuk berbincang?" thank you. and another bluntly shot question, "where did u get the paper?" and they all looked at me like i was an alien who suddenly appear from nowhere into the room. =.= . and to my relief, a friend (nice boy he is) tear down his and handed it over to me. alhamdulillah. i thanked him for his kindness and continued discussing with the others who seemed relieved too to find the solution. hehe (saya buat gimik boleh pagi tu) :D
i was the first to share my point, which is supposed to be in malay language.
"assalamualaikum tuan, puan and a very good moring :) (to an indian panel)...". OMG selamat pagi la farhana! lalalla~ continued with my points and so on. tihihihi :D

the session went smoothly afterwards :) i did enjoy myself there, talking in context of being able to communicate, able to express my feelings & personal views and to accept others' points of view :)

the session ended eventually, we all walked out of the meeting room. at the outside, everybody was congratulating with each other and almost everyone said that "wow, it was a quick!" with reliefs.

all the way going back, i've been thinking,
-alhamdulillah, i enjoy the session.
-alhamdulillah, there's funny things that Allah has fated today, so i dont really feel very stressed.
-alhamdulillah, even IF i do not get the scholarship, i had already got the worthy experiences, got the moments of helping each other, got to meet new friends, and i simply LOVE the feeling of being in the same boat. yeah, since everybody was there with the same goal :)
-alhamdulillah, lucky for me to be grouped into a superbly well-mannered people, there was nobody who was like 'the attention seeker', but all of them were awesomely kind & intelligent figures indeed.
-alhamdulillah, for Allah had lent me the good feeling :)

as for now, let's keep praying for Allah's blessing and His acceptances of all my deeds. amiin

the tuesday night
i attended an event, majlis anugerah gemilang siswa, which was organised by unimap. the event which was held at the dewan kapitol was in conjuntion with the univ's students successes in sports & others along with academically excellent. my parents were invited along, but they had to sit quite far from me. i loved to see mine & my friend's humble parents who came along, i love to know that all of them were happy for us, their children, and i love the feeling that we had make our parents proud and thankful based on their smiles and nods, with who know? the tears of joys inside insyaAllah. subhanAllah. alhamdulillah.

alhamdulillah, been awarded by unimap for the previous spm result. alhamdulillah :)

thank you for sharing with me your time.
and you are MOSTLY welcome to share me the good feelings.

i ask Allah for Him to love me, because when Allah loves the person, everybody will eventually love the person too, no matter how annoying or how good the person is.

oh Allah, i beg for your MERCY & LOVES for me and everybody around me, and for everybody who loves me because of You :) amiin.


  1. JPA kan? tahniah~ wani pn ade buku Denyut Kasih Medik tu. hihi ;)

  2. :) alhamdulillah, doakan saya dapat naa :)

    hee :D best kan buku tu..hihi :)

  3. waa~alhamdulillah dpt rasa suasana n experience temuduga.. btw,insyaallah kamo0 akn dpt! amin~

  4. hannan :) alhamdulillah
    amiin insyaAllah andai itu yg terbaik di sisi Allah :D hihii

    terima kasih byk :D



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