Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my english story


hahaha. i would like to share something with you :)

MAYBE i have already posted an entry featuring this video before. haha

somehow, i lose my confidence writing in english. why is that so? because i've been writing quite a number of previous posts in bahasa melayu. it is quite awkward for me to express my thoughts right now. writing and talking a lot in malay recently mean that i am leaving aside the language and at the same time lacking of practices to improve my english. =.= tgk tu ayat berbelit dah

wonder why i bother to write in english ?

because i started this blog with a mindset "towards english eloquency : in both written and spoken english". wow~!. ok u can view some of the earliest entries, about my trials to write in english language. at that particular time, i can swear to you that i was not only write in english, but also my thoughts were in english too.
enough with the introduction (what? yeap it is.)

let us start the story with my english teachers.
during my primary school, i was taught by teachers of 3 different races - as i dont remember how many of them. as far as i can remember, i have never speak in english in front of public - minus the oral test part , yeah - ok let us proceed.

until it was in my 4th former in the secondary school that i found english is interesting. i joined the school's debating team, challenged myself to go for the audition in the first place before being accepted by the teachers, and i start to do researches about certain issues in english articles and journals. i wrote the debate texts myself and helped others in need sometimes. but what i can tell you is that i dont like people who joined the debate just about to speak, not to understand what was he/she really saying, i mean, such a person like "hey, give me the complete text, i have my voice and confidence to speak, i dont need to do the research like you do"... yeah in the end, the people who thought and behaved such will answer "i am sorry but your question is inappropriate" during POI session. no offense please, i'm telling myself about this either. there are so much things in me to be improved too, apart from you yourself. =.=

my english story becomes more interesting when it involves competition. i am saying about, my eagerness to compete with a colleague who spoke eloquently in english! all i do is read, read and read his writings :) yeah, that was a long time ago, and now it is revealed :) adeh. but i've never agree with his points of view of life, i just take the assets not the liabilities with me~ whenever i see he has improved, i tried my best to improve my skills. hehh. he is good at public speaking, thanks to him that i start to do my public speaking since form 3, in the same camp that both of us joined coincidently together. while other people admire him for his personality - the face whatsoever - i admire his confidence and courage to face the public - but still like i've said before, i've never agree with his points of view of life =.=

what more helped me in my english ?

hah. the most prominent one! during my preschool year, i spent my free time after tadika at my father's office. there, i was exposed to 'the triple play plus language package'. it compiles a cd, with italian, english and other languages lessons. i remember how i play the english-oriented games with my dad.

oh, now i remember how come i was close to english since....
i dont speak english at home, neither at school.

so, the blog is the only channel apart from using fb & twitter (yeah i got one too, still fresh and new~).
and not to forget my attempts to speak in english at PLKN; succeeded :D

bla..bla..bla thanks for reading this babbling :] - i really got no important points to share. just to release my english spirit :) that's all for now, tqvm for you time :)

i tell you, i was shocked to find my SPM 1119 gce o-level is 1A =.= Allahu, besarnya kurniaan-Mu ke atasku. semoga dijauhi daripada istidraj (nikmat yang menyesatkan). amiin.


  1. so..nice entry !
    saya pon nak praktis tulis dlam bahasa inggeris dalam blog jugaklah. hihi
    improve my english.

  2. syazwani, :) alhamdulillah, terima kasih,, ok nanti sya nmpak dlm dashboard terus saya singgah ekk , boleh tambah reading material nehh

    urm, ilmu yang diamalkan, saham dalam kubur :) insyaAllah , kita sama2 belajar ;D


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