Wednesday, December 22, 2010

people always learn to live, that they forget, they live to learn too

...Anonymous said...
Bahasa Inggeris anda sangat teruk. Budak sekolah rendah tulis lebih baik tatabahasa dan nahu daripada awak. Malu lah!!

--->adeh, saya kena hentam.

--dear Anonymous (who does not have courage to reveal yourself),

oic. first of all, thank you for your concern.
i'm feeling lucky because i was chosen by you among thousands of people who wrote their blogs' entries not in correct grammatical manner.
i'm afraid you have mistaken me for the previous post. what i'd like to explain is that i wrote the post verbally & based on what came in to my mind in an unformal manner, not in a formal well-written form of post where i double-checked them first before publishing. fyi, i do agree with your sincere comment after reading it again.

however, i'd like to say that the way you innocently expressed your concern for my english grammar is not something like what the educated people do. i'm afraid i am not being honest to you because i drop the inverted comma in certain words.
as an educated person, you should know that the way you expressed the words can kill my enthusiasm to write the next entries in english. not just me, but my friends, the juniors and seniors, and even some bloggers who are not as well-educated as you. this will eventually lead me & so forth to abandon english at all. nah, write in malay (be in comfort zone forever!).
last but not least, if i was too shy from the beginning, i mean, writing my feelings and moods in my native language in a diary for instance, nobody can tell me what went wrong in my english then, and i'll be there in my comfort zone unnoticed, with nobody & nothing to improve me at all. at least, i can learn from this incident right ?

thank u.
p/s: a well-known doctor's blog that i've read before, he said that a comment written anonymously is a JUNK. would be appreciated if you wrote the comment in english, with no grammatical error of course, so that who knows, i might learn from you. :)
3. please don't be offended, as i'm not feeling offended by your comment.
translation for the above entry : buang masa ja kan layan encik anonymous ? betul kata2 pujangga di blog doktor faisal.

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