Friday, October 15, 2010

public figure haha


it's friday.
there is an assembly.
and i'm the emcee.
for the forth timesy.


it's wierd to think how can i stand in front of hundreds of eyes. i used to be shy while in lower form. (hey i still have the shyness aka barrier till now~). recalling my form 3 memories, i'm so nervous that i speak like grrrgrrr3 while debating (bm) in classroom. uh oh. when i go for audition for the public speaking (bm) at the canteen with my friend, thing is getting better (but it's still a bad one). adeh. x pa, pengalaman~

i went to a Kursus Kepimpinan Pelajar Islam after pmr is over, (a second time for me to go to such course after a kursus for primary school's headboys&girls while i'm in sk putra. this one too was held in langkawi =.=.) tell you what, this is the turning point. from me being a girl who refused to speak in front of the public, i was my group presenter there. it is all started when the-camp-hot-stuff-girl-kot volunteered to be one. but then, on the eve about 15 minutes before presenting, sth happened to her that i have to take the place instead. it was like a panic attack for her kot. i was reluctant in the first place, but then, it was me who wrote the text for her, so why dont i take the chance? lalalla, my group is the best female's group, which is in second place among all groups :) and she came to me to ask for forgiveness. till now, we are still being friends because it was all thanks to her :)

uh. that's about my first time presenting group's discussion, in alieneted air of friendships, with boys there (my school is an all-girls~) and instantaneously = kinda bidan terjun. alhamdulillah segalanya baik :)

during my form 4 years, 2009, i involved in debate (english since bm x pas). lots of inter-school activities. i went to a bengkel pembinaan jati diri cemerlang by yayasan t.s.putra, being my group presenter, and went back to school volunteering to be imamah. :) yes, i was afraid to be imamah in prayers before. =.=

in my form 5, lots of intra-school activities. emceeing for english, arabic and bm. haha bm is not my best performance though. (hari ni lah tu). haish
the most awesome public speaking activity, is when i was honoured to be the master of ceremony (emcee la haha) for my school hari anugerah permata, the prize-giving ceremony, which involved the vip guests. hehe. it's in arabic. :) and shortly after that, my ustzh offered me to join the arabic debate in usim, which then i refused to for certain reason.

why i'm writing this? not to boast about my not-so-good performances, but to tell you something.

you are not who you were. things change.

i may be a public figure (read: not the boys' hot-stuff. it's different) during my school days, but i dont know who i am in the future. next year, i have new surrounding and environment to adapt with. friends yet to be discovered. oh yeah. Ya Allah, help me in everything!

p/s: sesungguhnya Allah maha berkuasa atas setiap sesuatu. saya beri tazkirah jumaat lepas pada pelajar tingkatan 4,5,6. sepatutnya plan pada adik form 1,2,3. huhu thanks to some serious miscommunication. alhamdulillah, they said it's a great one. hehe
for my future reference :
ilmu yang diamalkan^^ = saham dalam kubur :)


  1. Bahasa Inggeris anda sangat teruk. Budak sekolah rendah tulis lebih baik tatabahasa dan nahu daripada awak. Malu lah!!

  2. urm

    your concern to make no further reply is appreciated. tq.

  3. tersenyum =) memikirkan markah gce o-level untuk english spm. alhamdulillah.

    bila baca balik, mungkin hikmah di sebalik ni, Allah baiki kelemahan saya. :)

    oh yeah. teruja nak tahu siapa yang tulis comment tu hari pembalasan nanti. hoho


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