Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garbage patch - habislah akhir zaman2


have we ever wonder, what happen when a plastic bag flow into the river? yes, it will flow into the sea. then? what happens next?

let me tell you. the fate of plastics bags and its petroleum's siblings.

have a look at this pic.

bangkai burung akan mereput, tapi penutup botol plastik dalam perutnya tak. :]

nih lagi burung malang, siap ada ciggarette lighter kot =.=
it's freakingly true that there are plastics stuff inside the carcass 0_o poor creature.
makan tudung botol lagii
well, as we all know, the ocean currents flow continuosly. thus making the ocean to encircle at the pacific ocean. this place is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. (selalu dengar the Great Barrier Reef saja yang wujud).
all the plastics will accumulate at this place, floating on the surface of seawater and waiting their time until kiamat. sebab, those plastics are from petroleum's synthetically processed stuff which mean they are all non-degradable. at all cost.
so, at the same time, the plastics will break into smaller pieces @ degenerate @ relai, but still existed. when the scientists took the samples of seawater, the content of plastics remains are as many as 5 times the content of planktons!

dalam satu cedok air laut ~
here is the attachment for a greater understanding about what's going on. (:
Capt. Charles Moore on the seas of plastic Video on TED.com

more info, google 'garbage patch' and so on. photos credit to google.

p/s: apa kita dah buat dengan bumi nih? huhu
"dan jika Kami memberi kuasa kepada manusia, sudah pastilah mereka akan berbuat melampaui batas". kan Allah dah cakap? sobs2.


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