Saturday, August 14, 2010

wirawati negara lah saya


Program Latihan Khidmat Negara
(kena blajar familiar lepas nih~)

The Slogan

I wonder what is my goal? Where does my spirit goes? and.. What do i fight for?

And... I'll learn how to adapt with stressful situations + living a hectic life (for the first 3 weeks i guess :)

Hah. I am one of the lucky 37 pupils of my school who are chosen for National Service. Actually, speaking from the bottom of my heart, i got mixed feeling for this.
  • I AM GLAD AND BERSYUKUR. Yes, i am glad and thankful to Allah. There must be silver lining lies here.
  • I AM THRILL by this. I'll be meeting (and living for 3 months~) with lots of friends and acquaintances, including 'them' who make me happy, sad, and laughed a lot before. ehem. I'll be living under one roof with them under Allah guidances' insyaAllah
  • Yet I AM SAD, why is it only me among my besties?
Im hoping for the best. The first advice that i got is from my sis, who said, "Be careful. My very-religious-friend's sister ends up with a couple in the training." Hoh. Allah, peliharalah aku drpd perkara mendekati zina.

Done with the mind wind up. Gone to study physics for the spm trials, which is on tuesday! 
Bismillah^^,, haha

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