Sunday, June 27, 2010

badai. pisang 3 kali berbuah~

i hurt a person by my words.
ouch. i wish i could meet him and say i'm so sorry that you are offended.

no wonder during the whole holiday we didnt even talk.

somehow, i think im not really worth for him. adeh.
maybe because of inferiority. that crush is just too good, too kind, too great for such nobody as me.

haha oh no.

Allah, aku mohon cinta-Mu, dan cinta orang yang mengasihi-Mu. :]
doaku, 'dia yang x ...' adalah untukku. amin
kabulkanlah hajatku, andai itu yang terbaik untukku. Allah lebih mengetahui.

haah~ SPM cepatlah datang~ i wont risk u with my crushy thing!

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