Saturday, May 22, 2010

coping with mood swings


can't wait for this tiring year to finish. the longer i wait the harder for me to stand with the pressure. it's not really a hard pressure but people around me make that even harder to achieve.

a junior of my school approach me one day,
asking how do i study? she even said a friend of mine has said to her that i'm always LOOK ready and well prepared for every single period of studies in school, finished ALL homeworks given and always know what to answer when teachers asking questions.
no, not at all.
it's just that that friend of mine did not know me exactly at all.
those who says that "farhana is pandai. nothing can't stop her" just dont know the real me.

i'm human too. i have feelings. i have the heart that ticks when certain good-looking boys passed by too. i too sense a bad feeling when teachers get angry. in another words, i am just like anybody, have strong will and sometimes lost my guts.

last week was horrible. my mood just swings badly at the time of the month. well, tears falling down unwantedly, crying badly in front of my parents and a friend, wanting to go home suddenly while i was in a tuition class, wanting to go and scold a guy who is stealing glances on me (no, he's not. just my mood that time ;) and the worst of all, i can't even touch my book to study.
the moment i touch a book, i feel bad. feeling that comes when you want to cry. and i cried badly.
it is just like i am being 'sampuk'

what if i do?
dad said: if you believe in so, then you are.
mom said: heal yourself with the help of Allah. come on, read some prayers (since i cant solat that time)

alhamdulillah. things are just getting better now.

so, the moral is..
  • dont follow your emotions
  • get ready for PMS
  • never missed to read Quran whenever you can, for you would be feeling really longed for Quran when that time of the month (period)
  • Quran reading for today, lasts for the next times until your iman dries up
  • yeah, iman dries up quickly if it is not moisten with Quran and tazkirahs
  • :)
it is an exam periods now. alhamdulillah, my mood is just getting better. i choose to hear the Quran recitations since i cant read it by myself. and it works! alhamdulillah^^

may Allah loves me always and ever. may not i lose the LOVE just only to be covered with a tiny love from just an ordinary guy. an Allah's creature.


  1. hm. kinda missed your "meletup" moments.
    you are "meletup"ing and i am not there to annoy you and cause it.

    putting the bad/never-meant-to-be-understood jokes aside, i just want to say, you go, senörita!
    *off to read some bioL*

  2. haha missing the moment too, badly.. this year kinda bored~ study2,, huhu

  3. isk isk iskkk...labuuuu.....[baca gaya hj bakhil tau] sambil geleng pala~



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