Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sampai pun

this is you,
written by me.

birds flying,
clouds disappearing,

i'm departing,
but you are blocking.

i look in your eyes,
i see those cries.

the symptoms seem to persist,
why in the earth does such person exists?

when is it the time to stop?
to find my missing blue flip-flop.

once made me high,
once made me cried...

it ticks in head,
thinking about that life mistakes.

i said that you are wrong,
you ignored it singing a song.

a tune of life you play,
on stages of drama full of replays.

i watched you there,
and now you are here.

i said you are bad,
you reply with a glad!

i said that you are weird,
but you seemed to be in tears!

i'm glad,
that i'm back.
i'm glad,
that you are sacked.
i'm glad,
that we are flat

i'm glad,
really that glad!

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