Wednesday, March 3, 2010

photoshoot.indoor.outdoor~ :)

alhamdulillah. thank you ALLAH. thank you Mak. thank you Ayah. thank you Cikgu. thank you Cikgu (1 + 3 - 1) minus one because she's not so helping~

i've been into a photoshoot!

it's great to have some nice, good & unpredictable moments^^
after a long day of school hours~
after being buried in pile of homeworks & notes,
after coping with tiring days full of challenges and certain mind-broken riddles of ideas~
after what have my certain quite troublesome friends had done to me..
before i realised that Allah knows about these days i've been endured
and even after all witty things happening in school + extra classes + tuition classes + home, :)
plus my sudden i-dont-want-to erratic change of mood and heart feeling~ ;)

Allah treats me into a photoshoot..lalalla~ may this life is blessed for all the time~

haha tu saja nak share :)
-it isnt wrong to be thrilled, right? as long as i dont go jumping here and there telling every passerby about my nice evening activities :D..haha! thanks to.. blogging.

doakan kejayaan saya dunia dan akhirat!

satu untuk di kongsi lagi,
"siapa yang menginginkan kehidupan akhirat, maka baginya bahagian kehidupan dunia dan akhirat. tetapi barang siapa yang hanya menginginkan kehidupan dunia saja, maka sikit sahaja bahagian dunia untuknya, bahkan di akhirat dia mendapat azab yang pedih." -nau'zubillah min dzalik-



  1. chayyok2! nanti nak tgok cik pengarah masuk magazines or papers.. "Tokoh Nilam Kebangsaan".. Jgn lupa selitkan sekali nama Izzati/zati kay masa dikelilingi reporter nanti.. Hahah! [awai berangan] =)

  2. urk,, dgn izin Allah..
    kalu kalah pun takpa,, asalkan dpat yg terbaik..dan yg terbaik tu hanya Allah yg tahu :) sapa tau menang itu bukan terbaik utk diri saya?

    tp sejujurnya, saya nk menang :)


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