Wednesday, March 24, 2010

long time no updating ^^


it has been a long time! :)

hi there~ salam.
uh oh! just now i realise that my last post [about the photoshoot~~] was dated back in 3rd of march. it has been quite a long term of inupdated,,

well, in the past 22 days back started from today, i've been through long, exciting and full of joy journey :)

actually, i have been spending all my school breaks which started from 12-21 march 2010 doing outdoors activities. in other words, i spent no days with my family at all, and that is something new for me to endure. (maybe next year would going to be the same, insyaAllah). so, 10-day-holiday spent NOT in perlis, but in sarawak and selangor (shah alam or shah kelam, my bro said once)..
so, let me do my recounts :-)

- 12/3/2010 -
departs to KLIA-LCCT with the school bus, together with my other 27 friends and 5 teachers. i happened to catch a glimpse of unexpected event, that is an accident on the PLUS highway in a rainy situation which involved a lorry transporting newly-launched blue boxs of fishes (YES, it's overturned and the fishes are scattered on the road!) and five more cars, i guess. oh~

- 13/3/2010 -
arrive at the LCCT exactly at 2.00 am. walked and waited inside the building with sleepy head + reddening eyes with blurry vission (because of tai* mata~) and not to forget my not-so-small luggage (yet it's considered as smaller by my friends~ ) and the clinging red kipling bag~ lalalla.
at 7.25am in the morning, after long exhausted hours of waiting (i dont even sleep in that morning since  the arrival) i departed to KUC, kuching~

turned to have my sleepy head back while in the plane. "please2, dont fall asleep yet. i must see the take off view. the view of the land from sky when leaving. ..zzZzz oops!...i forced open my eyes to see the stewardess demonstrating safety guidances~ (oh, lama rupanya masa yg diambil sblum btoi2 bertolak)

"flight attendants be seated for take off!" the capten called out. suddenly i found that 'oh, i'm really flying in the sky~ alhamdulillah. *this is my first time daaa

naik~~ naik~~ crossing the layer of clouds. it's so NICE. i said to myself, 'oh, this is how it looks like above the clouds! nice, white with nothing to be an eyesore'
subhanAllah :) somehow, i take that 'so, maybe in the artics things are just the same, windy + gases + white + no impurities to stain the view..

i fell asleep..zzZzz..Z..

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