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itu bukan ego


 quoted from slot usrah tadi,
"itu bukan ego, itu prinsip diri"

ya..farhana, jangan risau dengan tentang perkara pening itu~ kamu patut bangga dengan prinsip diri. ya! jgn mengalah farhana dengan makhluk abstrak itu~
kuat, kamu!

act, saya nk gtau, kalau anda dah pegang satu prinsip, jangan patah balik. jangan runtuhkan pegangan itu. walau menyusahkan, walau merunsingkan, walau menyepikan (haha), harapkan hikmah daripada Allah.
'semoga apa yang aku lakukan ini akan diberi hidayah + hikmah + rahmat daripada Allah'

ya Allah, aku mohon segala yang terbaik daripada-Mu! amiin :)

sampai pun

this is you,
written by me.

birds flying,
clouds disappearing,

i'm departing,
but you are blocking.

i look in your eyes,
i see those cries.

the symptoms seem to persist,
why in the earth does such person exists?

when is it the time to stop?
to find my missing blue flip-flop.

once made me high,
once made me cried...

it ticks in head,
thinking about that life mistakes.

i said that you are wrong,
you ignored it singing a song.

a tune of life you play,
on stages of drama full of replays.

i watched you there,
and now you are here.

i said you are bad,
you reply with a glad!

i said that you are weird,
but you seemed to be in tears!

i'm glad,
that i'm back.
i'm glad,
that you are sacked.
i'm glad,
that we are flat

i'm glad,
really that glad!

long time no updating ^^


it has been a long time! :)

hi there~ salam.
uh oh! just now i realise that my last post [about the photoshoot~~] was dated back in 3rd of march. it has been quite a long term of inupdated,,

well, in the past 22 days back started from today, i've been through long, exciting and full of joy journey :)

actually, i have been spending all my school breaks which started from 12-21 march 2010 doing outdoors activities. in other words, i spent no days with my family at all, and that is something new for me to endure. (maybe next year would going to be the same, insyaAllah). so, 10-day-holiday spent NOT in perlis, but in sarawak and selangor (shah alam or shah kelam, my bro said once)..
so, let me do my recounts :-)

- 12/3/2010 -
departs to KLIA-LCCT with the school bus, together with my other 27 friends and 5 teachers. i happened to catch a glimpse of unexpected event, that is an accident on the PLUS highway in a rainy situation which involved a lorry transpo…

photoshoot.indoor.outdoor~ :)

alhamdulillah. thank you ALLAH. thank you Mak. thank you Ayah. thank you Cikgu. thank you Cikgu (1 + 3 - 1) minus one because she's not so helping~

i've been into a photoshoot!

it's great to have some nice, good & unpredictable moments^^
after a long day of school hours~
after being buried in pile of homeworks & notes,
after coping with tiring days full of challenges and certain mind-broken riddles of ideas~
after what have my certain quite troublesome friends had done to me..
before i realised that Allah knows about these days i've been endured
and even after all witty things happening in school + extra classes + tuition classes + home, :)
plus my sudden i-dont-want-to erratic change of mood and heart feeling~ ;)

Allah treats me into a photoshoot..lalalla~ may this life is blessed for all the time~

haha tu saja nak share :)
-it isnt wrong to be thrilled, right? as long as i dont go jumping here and there telling every passerby about my nice eveni…