Saturday, February 27, 2010

lalala~~ g-d-t^^


just now i heard a rumour about a friend from one of my 6-year-old friendships. a rumour saying something which i take it as too bad to be true. and all i can say is that i dont believe in such things for i knew (based on my guesses & experiences) about the person's 'good + friendly behaviour' which had started the rumour in the first place.
........end......sholdn't this?

well, somehow one can misunderstand about one another's 'act of smiling'. haha,, poor u who thinks that it is 'great'.

urm, just now a thought came to my mind,
to recieve A SMILE from a person who has A LOT OF SMILES in their life is just nothing,
and if it is to be compared with..
to recieve A SMILE from a person who has very LIL SMILES in their life is everything or great (if you think it is~),

friends, u dont need to guess who are the persons involved and WHAT i'm really talking about. let take this as my girly-diary-thingy~~ :)

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