Tuesday, January 5, 2010

osmosis = adab belajar

i learnt something new today. my physics teacher stated that osmosis concept is equalise wth 'adab belajar'. let say, the teachers are on the higher concentration (more knowledge) and the students are vice versa. based on osmosis concept, water particles move from high solvent concentration to a lower concentration of solvent. (dari cair ke pekat~) yes, that does make sense for me and it thought me something today.
*lower concentration of knowledge = student
*higher concentration of knowledge = teachers
nevertheless, i believe sometimes it's more on facilitated diffusion,, needs aids to go against concentration gradient~~ particles in the lower concentration have to be aided to pass into a high concentration. and surely the particles won't flow backward (from high to low). so does knowledge~ a teacher would not want the student to teach them. remember this one and you'll be safe. =)
in other words, pupils do learn to be more excellent and have better achievements than their educators, but at the same time the educators don't realise these..

but still, we have to remember, once you're a pupil, will always be a pupil. and this will save you from being labeled as 'snobbish'. once safe, dunia akhirat bahagia :)

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