Saturday, January 2, 2010

a hateful liar doesn't hate to lie, but it's not on a hypocrite person


i'm seeing things wrong. i did accuse myself of being somewhat a negative thinking student, but in the end, things really end up wrongly. i heard a teacher said sth that is wrong (from my point of view, i dont know about others'), but in the end my other friends will also said such things. it's just that they keep it to themselves. well, they sometimes being hypocrite instead of being assertive~! come on, nobody's hasn't done sth wrong, so it's kinda a responsibility for those who know to get things right.


i hate lies. and the liars.
lies are just alright when you are lying to a person who don't have any clue or any idea about it [since i used to tell lies before~ haha]. but, what i hate the most is that 'human-beings' at my school always tell lies which i already knew the truths! what makes things worse is when the lies are about sth important, sth crucial and sth which everybody should know about the truths.
being silly, arent US?
*dont ask me why the capital us

tell you what,
it's because of lies i look down on a so-called vvip of the 'place'
thanks to the lies too, sb throws me a stare which i found it stranges
and it's all because of lies that i say bad things about the liars..
being silly, arent I?

wonder how can i tell them the truths...
leaving things behind, hopefully that it wont follow me along~


  1. sis, lagi lama idup, lg byk bergelumang dgn ungkapan tipu dan ketidakjujuran~
    manusia semua mahu selamat diri masing2....
    tipu itu lumrah utk sentiasa meletakkan diri di tempat yg selamat atau di'atas'...
    nanti masuk universiti, alam kerja etc....semua kat keliling penuh penipuan~ be ware!
    and you should be thankful because u already alert about all the liars and lies which almost scattered everwhere....hidup...dunia...nama pun fana' :)

  2. hurmm tipu tu yg meletakkan sesuatu di atas~! btoi22..


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