Monday, December 28, 2009

when it isnt a rome to set up


alhamdulillah. nota Pendidikan Quran Sunnah F4 sudah lengkap~
"Rome was not built in a day."
yep, Rome wasnt set up in a day to achieve all her glories. and at the same time, notes of a form 4 lesson is neither a country. it'll never be a rome. so, surely one can finish taking notes in just a short time. for me, it is either "i want to do it now" or "fine then, i'll do it later".

so, in my case, i choose to finish up the QS notes later. and found out that all the notes could have been done in just less than a-day hour! oh, how wonderful it is to imagine that i'am sleeping soundly whereas at that time i was finishing the 29-chapter-notes. uh oh, never copy my bad~ i end up sleeping at 2.50 am and waking up feeling fresh (i dont know why i am) at 5.30 am. whoa~

and the pay is, i finished up all the notes (except tamadun, which is only an optional topic). alhamdulillah.
huhu..that's me, i'll sleep whenever i want to. tell you what, sometimes i'll just get to bed exactly after maghrib :) and waking up early (very early) in the middle of night to finish up homeworks. and there's always a pay after every hard work done, and that is all my homeworks are setlled.

somehow, i hate my last-minute act. nevertheless, i love the feeling of satisfaction whenever the work has just done in time! tell you what, i really love the feeling, full of contenment and at ease. *i know i've been grinning too much today*

yet, it's so odd, unwise to stay up late,and what a foolish act that it carry big risks along, but, i think i just love the way things happening around me.
mom says: u've gonna change, for u'll soon will be leaving home, and there's no other places that follow your late-night routine. light's off whenever it should.
i say: i'll change it. but whenever my eyes give i-am-so-tired-to-even-hold-a-pencil signal i shall do nothing but sleep. that's the way i treat my eyes for such big sacrifices.


  1. hahaha...betol2, kena 'ngejas' (bahasa ganu utk adjust) ur time management....
    Sejak ada baby, i have no time for my own self (utk tido lebey) except during my MC day....after sending the cutest princess to the baby centre~ (tapi tak kan kena sakit sokmo kot utk dapatkan MC)...huhu

  2. hihii^^ mknanya sya kna guna masa yg ada utk buat apa yg sya suka~~ smentara saya x da anak~~ hahaha


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