Wednesday, December 23, 2009

second chance : taken!


there's only about a week before 2010. yet, i'm still not fully ready to face the new school term, which i'll be in form 5! oh, spm~
it's not that i didnt do any preparation, it's just that i dont think that all the preparations i've done are enough to stand for ''i'm truly ready''.
alhamdulillah, the first til the last week of Dec spent on tuition classes. may Allah bless & berkati my every single step attending tuitions for almost everyday, except on friday, only. what i want to share in this post is mainly focusing on 'my way to spm'.

ask you a question, if you're given a chance and you missed it not on your own purpose, would you let a second chance go?

well, it's all started when a teacher set up a class only for the 'particular student', where students in the class will be given extra lesson, extra homework, and extra hours of learning [i dont quite sure about this, as i'm not in this class before]. what i want to say is that, i missed the first offer. so, i'm not really in the 'particular' class although the teacher's now teaching me. :) paham?

all the while, i've been quite regret for not joining the class. it's not that i dont want to, BUT it's the matter that i dont even know about such 'special' things. yes, there's 7 years gap between my other siblings, so they can't tell me more about school-and-academics stuffs like my friends do. so, the chance of attending the class which last til the night before you'll seat for spm is vushhh..just vanished.

then, after a year, the teacher offers me and my friends in intensive tuition class to join the class. now, can you guess what i've done?
i accepted the offer, exactly on the same day he asked me.
now, all i'm worrying is that, how will other students's face look like when they saw me entering the class on the first friday of 2010? [to whom who do know about this post, please keep it to yourself, and pretend you know nothing of this in front of others].

tell you something, i dont care of what others thinking; it's all about spm 2010. and be remind that 'knowledge isnt reserve to particular group of person, but it's for those seeking for it'.

may Allah redhai segala pemberian nikmat-Nya. amin


  1. hwaiting tu apa?
    heh :D

    weh, deep in thought neh~
    thinking what will happen..
    can i cope with 3 first addmath topics??
    plus a topic of math??
    tatot x_x

  2. hwaiting as in aja2 hwaiting ;D
    if you can face the tough period you had in form 4, i'm convinced you can cope with those topics ^^

  3. thanks for the wishes :)
    dont forget to wave me by the door next year~
    hahahh [i've always reach class 2 mins before sir does]


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