Tuesday, November 24, 2009

post ke-100!!

:) bismillah-
if before this i've always wrote the previous posts with sad and gloomy mood, now i would like to make this one sweet and engaging enough, just for me :)

how am i, right now at this time of the year 2009?

firstly, alhamdulillah i've recently won this and that. all that i'm hoping for now is may Allah bless, rahmati, meredhai everything single things that He had lent to me. alhamdulillah.

secondly, i promise to myself to be honest and sincere in everyday life (=just like the students' oath!) Ya Allah, do help me in keeping the secrets from others. May i'm always be truthful to everybody. Amin.

thirdly, i want to express that i love my sis7ters (=say seven sisters) so much that i don't think i can live merrily without them by my side. having Mukgu (muna) and Najuu (najee) away had just make me somewhat glum at first. alhamdulillah since now we can all go with the flow. all i'm afraid is just another parting.

forthly, i miss the old times together with all my family members i used to when i was a kid! hahaa it's awkward to admit but i just cannot frankly accept the fact that I AM GETTING 17!! in just another 3 months!! oh la la..

fifthly, i'll pray to Allah to earn His redha so that my parents, family, friends and aquaintances will endorse and approve my thoughts, dreams and actions..because redha Allah is more than the whole things. amin.

that's all for now, specially dedicated to a girl named, nurfarhana binti khalid

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