Thursday, November 5, 2009

i know sth that others dont

it's a pain to see what's mine is's a pain to be closed with the's pain to wear fake smiles in front of's a pain to confront with the eyes of sympathy.. it's a really deep pain inside that it's just only me who happened to know these..
it's hard to know sth vital which others hv been wndering's hard to see sb's happy for certain reasons which they dont even's hard to pretend that i can forgive and forget easily for what had they's hard to live such imagery care-free's hard to tell you that i've been living sorrowful days, alone..and it's really hard to tell you about it..

it's hard to do sacrifice wholeheartedly on sth i've been longing for..

for some reasons, it's hard to believe i can endure all these alone..that i've passd the hard moment.. alhamdulillah..time does really heals all wounds~

but now, somebody happened to recall the dark time.. again, sb is suffering.. sb's tired of sorrowful days.. while sb knows nothing..yet, everybody knows nothing..

ya Allah kuatkanlah aku dgn pertolongan-Mu :) limpahkan aku keyakinan yg sebenar-benarnya. ringankan bebanku.. amiin.

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