Tuesday, November 24, 2009

eh, betullah pulak..

baca neh..

Expression is your key to life. Multitalented, versatile, creative, and an inspiration to others, you bring joy. Self expression in words, acting, speaking puts you in center stage, and you love to entertain or bring laughter into the hearts of others. With your uplifting sense of energy, others find you to be sociable, friendly, and helpful.
Your biggest enemy is to be involved in so many projects at one time, you become scattered and unable to be effective with any of them. It is so hard for you to stop and take the time to get organized until suddenly your mind just shuts down from the overload.
Then, you realize the need to get focused, and take your steps one at a time. Here you become the best at what you do, expressing your thoughts, hopes, theories, and dreams in the most eloquent terms.
Your personal journey is the envy of many.

aku berlindung dengan Allah daripada sebarang bentuk kejahatan yang diciptakan~~
apa yg apps dekat facebook ni teka betul lah jugak..tp sya malas nk ulas..friends yg rapat tahu perkaitannya dan keBETULannya..hahahh

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