Monday, July 20, 2009

biology x kesah..dia pun

mari baca kisah nii.. =p
there is a human being that always success in every single thing that i know.
the human being is kinda everybody's favourite.
almost everybody i know has good feeling over the human being.
indeed, yesterday i discovered that one of my friend blushed all over her face when the human being put the cursed smile over the human being's face..
what do i do?

then, a shocking thing happen
it was yesterday's
when i'm in a class,
a teacher asked the human being
"what's the date of today?"
as tomorrow is 27th Rejab
and the human being lost the words
the teacher then asked another student
"what's the date of today?"
and the student answer confidently
"26th Rejab as tomorrow is holiday for isra' mikraj"
when i heard those,
what do i do?
smile like wicked-che'ah

selawat ke atas nabi~!
jom kalahkan human being dengan m'jadi the best di sisi Allah dan Muhammad s.a.w.



  1. smile like wicked cheah~
    mushabbah bih jer
    hahah..jgn prasan lebey2 plak..
    "moga2 x da prasangka dilemparkan dlm khazanah ingatanmu.. =D"


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