Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ku bahagia!

/smiling *grinning/

sis7ers berlima bagush lah!! syoknya jd kwn korang..ekekekk
im seaguling all the time until the so-called debate syndrome has finish

it is a cliche when sadness and sorrow accompanied our happiness..
despite of what others have tought on me, i choose to stay happy and keep grinning all the time!
yay, that's me..the hipocrite one~ ('',)

actually, during this long time full of activity, i faced many negative points..

*to be continued

Bahang september 2011

- bismillah - Baru baca bab 1 buku puan Roza Roslan, travelog kehidupan abadi. Bab 1 beliau cerita pasal kali pertama jejak ke luar negara....