Monday, March 2, 2009

uh oh! exam~


just for a while before i continue to demolish my 'taipei 101' (the world recent highest tower)
omwork timbun!!

when i saw the word 'exam' at my fren's post,
how am i going to succed like before..even i dont really master the exam format
to tell the truth,
i dont put a high target on this coming exam..and i dont think i can..

to person out there who might be happy, glad and enjoy the moment you read this, (yay! farhana is *wut ever u'd think*..i can beat her), what i can say is.,. bagoslah!

purr...bulan mengambang..memang x stabil~!
*+*lps geram cara budak2 dumex campur ribena*+*

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