Monday, March 16, 2009

kem srikandi smkap 2009 =)

last weekend, i participated in this awesome camp.
everything's great from the management team to the participants..
but, nothing beats the muhasabah diri slot..
huuu..insaf..malu pun ada..
at first, i thought all the gimmick is just an act..soap opera~
and yup, im right. thanks to my instinct =)

mula2, memang x bila kak pengarah kna marah dgn 4 bros tu, huu..sedih
the peak time is when a bro said in his poem, which means "jika kamu anggap ini hanya lakonan, hati kamu keras"
uuuu..that time, what flashed to my mind is..ya Allah, kerasnya hatiku sbb dari td aku rasa ini semua way..then, i started to cry to think that my heart is so keras..berdosanya aku..uuuu

consequently, japanese-eye-sindrome attack all the participants =)..
that night, we slept at 2 am in da morning and woke up at 4.30 am, rushing to surau..uuu ngantuk! i wasn't that sleepy on the night before but this night, no other way to hold it back.

on the last day, everything's fine except almost every girls didn't have their bath..including me =)
tapi, on the closing ceremony, i had to skip it =(
..i had to go to biology 2tion class.. i force my self to attend it when i knew that i had to borrow other school's book if i hadnt attend the class.. uuu, tp alhamdulillah..both didn't bring me any harm, whether i skip the closing cermon or stay.. =)

overall, thumbs up to kak sufi & the gang! for giving me time to spend happily & penuh hikmah with them..;)

thats all. may Allah meredhai kebahagiaan kami!


  1. slm..
    km da p 'uma' kak sufi...
    cj nk nyebok ky c nie..

  2. sejujurnya,
    dalam kegelapan malam,
    saat tgh runsing & harap slot tu berakhir,
    "buka lampu!"
    "pengarah, letak mic!" knight in shining armor~!
    x_x ahaha..seagull


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