Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sis7ers, bertukar~!

cam ultraman taro plak..ehehe [ke power rangers ahh??]

ya Allah, kami hamba-hambaMu mohon dipermudahkan urusan kami. jadikan pertemuan kami dilimpahi dengan keredhaan-Mu. eratkanlah ukhwah antara kami. =)


yay! ptg nih kita jumpa nohhh!! :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

kem srikandi smkap 2009 =)

last weekend, i participated in this awesome camp.
everything's great from the management team to the participants..
but, nothing beats the muhasabah diri slot..
huuu..insaf..malu pun ada..
at first, i thought all the gimmick is just an act..soap opera~
and yup, im right. thanks to my instinct =)

mula2, memang x nangis..tp bila kak pengarah kna marah dgn 4 bros tu, huu..sedih
the peak time is when a bro said in his poem, which means "jika kamu anggap ini hanya lakonan, hati kamu keras"
uuuu..that time, what flashed to my mind is..ya Allah, kerasnya hatiku sbb dari td aku rasa ini semua lakonan..no way..then, i started to cry to think that my heart is so keras..berdosanya aku..uuuu

consequently, japanese-eye-sindrome attack all the participants =)..
that night, we slept at 2 am in da morning and woke up at 4.30 am, rushing to surau..uuu ngantuk! i wasn't that sleepy on the night before but this night, no other way to hold it back.

on the last day, everything's fine except almost every girls didn't have their bath..including me =)
tapi, on the closing ceremony, i had to skip it =(
..i had to go to biology 2tion class.. i force my self to attend it when i knew that i had to borrow other school's book if i hadnt attend the class.. uuu, tp alhamdulillah..both didn't bring me any harm, whether i skip the closing cermon or stay.. =)

overall, thumbs up to kak sufi & the gang! for giving me time to spend happily & penuh hikmah with them..;)

thats all. may Allah meredhai kebahagiaan kami!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

zeles?! ble bla~


"Classes. Homework. Special projects. Even for students who have no health problems to think about, it's hard to stay on top of schoolwork sometimes."
i hate it when i'm not on top of sth. especially when everybody does! i hate it when i dont finish my homework neatly on-time, when i think about my dark past, when i lost my important time because of others (i'm being too kind to others [[itsar yang x kena pada tempat]]), i hate to think about ostolia as they had too much opportunities around them~ ...

lately, i have encountered with jealousy..not over me, but others..
  1. a friend told about her problem. she's facing a kinda jealousy act from her other friend. her other friend was jealous on her over her active participation in almost everything..[well, who knows she'll be a high-achiever??] =). she was all the day worried and kinda messy in her mind, so she asked me for some advices.. what can i say is, "kau masuk lagi banyak pertandingan, biarlah orang yg dengki tu makin membara~!" ahhaha..what a very brilliant sadism~
  2. what more ahh??
  3. haa... my closest friend once told me about a girl who was jealous over her.. well, my friend is kinda easygoing person who can fit into any situation easily~ so, she has a lot of friends, wide circle of friends that also consist of boys.. hurmm.. the girl was jealous over her for being 'too close' [is that so??] with the girl's secret yet nonsense admire~~~ oh, come on.. that's sucks.
hurmm..wonder why do people always been jealous over somebody else??
dont they got everything enough in this world..?
is that the word 'enough' isn't just enough??
what am i going to say is,
i hate my self when i was jealous with others!

Monday, March 2, 2009

uh oh! exam~


just for a while before i continue to demolish my 'taipei 101' (the world recent highest tower)
omwork timbun!!

when i saw the word 'exam' at my fren's post,
how am i going to succed like before..even i dont really master the exam format
to tell the truth,
i dont put a high target on this coming exam..and i dont think i can..

to person out there who might be happy, glad and enjoy the moment you read this, (yay! farhana is *wut ever u'd think*..i can beat her), what i can say is.,. bagoslah!

purr...bulan mengambang..memang x stabil~!
*+*lps geram cara budak2 dumex campur ribena*+*


Sesungguhnya, kehadiran antara kita ialah satu ujian. Sesungguhnya, aku mahu menjaga keberkatan, Aku mahu menjaga tawakkalku pada Tuhan, ...