Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tired. fed up.


ya Allah.. what a very challenging+tired+annoying day today..
friends are sucks. im the suckest one.
today, the only day in my whole life that i became a very hypocrite person.

my friend (not my sis7ers) asks me about my opinion on somebody.. all i said are the negative things (that are what others think about the person) while my brain interprets the positive things. i said A is B, while my mind translate it to say A is not B.. isk2..such a hypocrite interpretation of me..

next, i kept smiling widely even my heart's cursing a person today. not really a person. people, to be exact. i'm all the way smiling from the morning till after the school. she bosses around even though she is not the class monitor. (she's just a ..... leader where my position is higher but luckily im not really that bossy when it comes to the matter of being 'creative~'). even my class monitor dont boss around like her. who are you, friend?
what i can say is im glad to be her maid today..*hypocrite mode on*
she is such a very daring turtle where i can see i'm chopping off her head when im talking to her..but yet, im hypocrite today, so i will keep smiling and say HI to her tomorrow!
i accept your all brilliant ideas, your second-second-second majesty of 4 sumaiyah.
im not talking about syarifah. seriously.
even others' opinions aren't accepted unless you share the same ulu head.

one more thing that pissed me off today..
about an annoying girl who i have often smiling widely when i met her..
sedap yerk makan nasi cikgu??

after school..another one, asked me about something like this,
huh? i said in blur...
she asked again and again but my brain seems can't interpret the thing she's talking.
*rolled my eyes*
it's about PUM. Persatuan Untuk Masalah-masalah.
what my brain can interpret is like this,
"kau terhegeh-hegeh ke nak jadi pengurus kewangan?"
bley blah.
but the person stop asking me and left me terpinga-pinga, blur, annoyed over her.
hey you, did you want to end up in the padded cells? i can send you there..
ttiba tanya orang soalan x masuk akal. tanjung rambutan durian

hummm.. i dont want to do this anymore
i dont want to be the either way
till my heart is all the sore...
and i think im the dying one...
i dont want to be a hypocrite...

**kalau aku bukan seorang hipokrit, dah tentu.."hey you! get out of this world now!" was what i'll be saying to her..luckily, im hypocrite..


  1. slm...
    hipokrit yg baik(ye ke?)...
    utk tdk "mengecilkan" hati dorg...
    tah la...
    cek tatau~

    dorg wat hal lg ke...?
    wlupn tatau sgt tp km rsa cm tau...
    ayat bdk fenin...
    sape la bdk betuah 2 yea(yg lbey2 sgt 2)...

  2. salam
    hari nih dah tau crita sbenar..
    yang berhormat Zuhairah (kami x knal pon~) nk jadik pengurus kewangan dgn tiba2..
    si hegeh nih tetiba ja nk pegang duit kot..
    kempunan agaknya
    -ada aku kisah?-
    alasannya, saya budak pure x reti nk buat akaun..Yang Hegeh, adakah kamu cukup cekap?? kalu camtu, wat lah akaun debit kredit PUM.. saya x kesah~
    tapi pelik, masa undi aritu kalah..x sedar ke? act, saya pun x nak jawatan nih..saya hanya insan biasa..x terer acount juga x hegeh seperti kamu~
    hurmm..kalu YH Zuhairah ada di sini..come talk to me screen to screen..

    aisyah, arinih pengurus BESAR nk jumpa ampa..
    nak suruh wat logo "innovation global"
    selamat bekerja keras~!

  3. slm...
    apa da jd kt cls kita ri nie...?
    huru hara je jd...

    abis la aku!!


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