Friday, February 6, 2009

tanggal 6 feb 2009


today, 6/2/2009, written in my life that i'll be come apart with my bestest friend..
when i reverse to my 'archive' memories, i still remember how i met her for the first langkawi although we are not really that close just like now
Allah stated that i would be her room mate that time..
hadn't meet her
until form 1, i met her again..
continue to form 2 sumaiyah..
3 sumaiyah =) sweet memories at 'port belakang'
4 s.. port blakang which lasts till 6/2/09.. (-_-,,)

may we'll find peace & success wherever we are..
sis7ers, together we proceed to success~!
mode: seagull oops, the word belongs to fasiah... ~_~,,


  1. fasiah?? faTHiah atau fasihah?? *fobia dgn insiden thn lps*


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