Monday, February 16, 2009

my precious seven

"everything changes gradually when the LONE RANGER slowly crept into the tunnel of life~ (",)"

that's what i put in my shout out box at fenster..
wonder who's the lone ranger is.. :) -is it really me?-

when i think about it,
my life is about to begin.. i had to live on my own, for i had been tagging along my friends before.. but now, i have to all the things on my own..even when i face a problem, no more my two closest friends to give me the solutions.. :) that's me before.. always tagging along them..hehe

today, i think about a thought, which i have always share them with muna.. my other sis7ers are not sekepala in this matter.. :) -kami sekepala ikut lain- ya salamm..hehe. but then, the thought just lay inside my head for nobody suits me on the matter~

when i was in add math. class this afternoon, i think about najee.. she's the one who thought me add math.. tadi, terpaksa lah faham sendiri.. huhu

my sis7ers are always by my side..
i spilled a bit of my thought which i always share with muna to mira.. as she's the closest to muna.. kami semakin sekepala// -sayangi perut anda setiap hari~~ vitagen-

nampaknya, najee pun sudah dicover aisyah.. td add math dia ajarkan..hehe makacih -ya...salam-

like what aisyah has said before, may our friendship lasts for long..
sis7ers the best-est~! sbb semua seagull..ahaha


  1. slm...
    tatau nk komen apa..
    tp ttp nk komen...
    yg psl math 2 km try bljr rerajin lg...
    kot2 akn lbey bgus mengajar...
    perasan ku sudah smpai tahap gaban~

  2. ya..salaam..
    bagos..nanti ajar kami lagii..
    kalu durian tya, ampa x pyah ckp x tau..malu company :D


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